Below you can view and/or download the English PDF building instructions of your Lego set Forestmen Camouflaged outpost. Couldn’t find the building. LEGO Instructions Set Number Camouflaged Outpost – Thousands of complete step-by-step free LEGO instructions. 40 Items ItemName: Lego Camouflaged Outpost, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and with instructions, without box, missing parts: 1 blue small plume, the.

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These baseplates are extremely useful for building mocs or starting up a forest or garden layout. Let the bricks air-dry afterwards. Its virtually impossible to say anything bad about it. They really should use superb older sets like these as inspiration for new sets.

Building instructions Lego set Forestmen Camouflaged outpost – English

That is why he is considered the founder of this toy. Already have an account? Norro, I wished I could splurged on this set easily. A lot of people loudly profess a ship, or classic space model, but has quite a following as instductions. Please post your opinions on the set play ability, piece selection, design, etc.

I want it, and I still want imstructions have it, to add into my collection. Indeed it is, I shall bring all of you back in time, in where castle is at its golden age, where the warring factions are mere humans. I also rated it 5. I will wait for your review.

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LEGO Camouflaged Outpost Set 6066 Instructions

This was helpful You bought a lot of it back then? How I wish I had this little set. Believe it or not, I remember seeing this set on the store shelves thinking, “I want it, but Instructionw not going to start collecting Lego again”.

Somehow the whole design and backstory comes together in this set.

I loved the instructtions rolling black rock hidden door as a kid. These are generic minifigs solders, and yet so beautiful with their different torsos colors representing their levels of participation within the group. Electric parts can only be cleaned with dry cloth. In the Camouflaged Outpost, you get a whole wide array of green foliages that is great for building forest related stuff. Lovely review, Mr Fang!

The recommended age is always mentioned on the box. These minifigs are indeed true beauty. LEGO started with a carpentry.

This merits a five from me, no question. It pleased me to see many of the collectors adore this set very much.

Posted August 14, edited. The set has six men, treasure, and accessories. Camouflaged Outpost was presented in one intsructions the wonderful, but sadly discontinued, window-flap boxes that allowed you to look at many of the new elements in the store. As simple as it is complex, an ideal LEGO set rarely matched in affordability, flexibility, and iconicity. I didn’t have a lot of forestman sets, but you didn’t need a lot of them, you could build an entire world instructilns this one set.


Treasure chest, at the side of the steed This is just 66066 simple highlight of the treasure chest and the quite leho brown horse.

From the pictures it looks really good and with three entrances including a secret door, it must have so much playability. Absolute classic that I luckily own You can add a mild detergent to the water and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. I also remember purchasing this set back in the late 80’s. This tree and rock outpost opens in three ways including a secret door.