Home | LEGO | SYSTEM | Trains | 9v | Train Cars | – Railroad Club Car | Instructions. Instructions for – Railroad Club Car. o · Download a PDF of. 15 Items ItemName: Lego Club Car, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO 5 minifigs and in a good to very good condition, no instruction, no box. LEGO Railroad Club Car Set Instructions. Theme: LEGO Trains. Set Number, BOID, Year Released,

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Born in the instrudtions 70s, I grew up in the 80s. My favourite themes were town I received nearly all town sets from that eraand technic. Instructons my parents told me that I could either get technic stuff instrhctions or train sets, but not both themes together. So, it always ended up with increasing my technic collection InI saw a new chance. A new system, a insgructions era.

But again, my parents refused, arguing that I would be too old for Lego in general. They were right, I went on to buy my first computer which is another story and bought my last Lego sets in The dark ages started.

Some years ago, the dark ages were gone and I went into PF trains. Simply because they were available easily, they were affordable and they were close to 80s looks and standards.

In contrast to the city theme, where cars and everything else seems to be extremely blown up, compared to 80s 4wide standards. I never planned to get into 9V trains.

Unboxing an unbuilt Metroliner – LEGO Train Tech – Eurobricks Forums

TLG has dropped the 9V system quite some years ago, even 454 support has unstructions. Sets and parts are highly sought after, and therefore rather expensive, even if they are in used condition.

But some days ago, it happened: I managed to get an unbuilt Metroliner at a reasonable price. I just couldn’t resist. Seals are loose due to age, but the parts are still in their trans-clear bags. I’d keep it un-built due to the value.

LEGO® Set: 4547 – Railroad Club Car

If you really want to build the set, but a used copy off Bricklink and enjoy it. To be honest, in most cases I have bad experience with buing used sets, no matter from bricklink, ebay or elsewhere. There was always something missing, or broken. Which resulted in additional purchases in order to complete or improve the used set. I’m tired of that.

Instructions For LEGO 4547 Club Car

Wow that was a great find! Nice job Carrera, I think you have a piece of gold there!!! You could write a set review of course even officially through the academy. My advice is, to enjoy it to the fullest, and build it!! I have mine from when I was young, many good memories, spent many many hours playing with it. Now you need to find a new Club Car. I would, however, look for a instructios box. I must instructkons I’m a little jealous. I would build it.


BrickLink – Set : Lego Club Car [Train:9V] – BrickLink Reference Catalog

It’s meant to be built. After the Santa Fe train which wasn’t a single setthis is definitely the best train since, well, maybe ever. The 12 volt system has more features, but the trains look outdated, while I think the Metroliner is timeless. It had opening doors the last regular available set to have thoseworking lights, a functional platform nowadays the platform will only be long enough for one door and a design that’s not only timeless, but can fit in any modern insrructions.

It looks like it’s designed as an electrical multiple unit like you can see in Europe, including the lebo buffers although not common on EMU’s while the colours have a striking resemblance to the Amtrak scheme. Be sure to check out the club car: It might be a little expensive, instructipns since you already bought a new Metroliner Is there any difference between the club car and it’s re-release?

According to Bricklink, I can’t spot anything. PF is ok, but there’s something special about 9V and there’s something really freakin’ awesome about the Metroliner. If you can’t build it, I am sure one of us here will be more than happy to help you build. Okay, I guess I’ll build it. But this won’t happen today or tomorrow, I think it needs the right moment. To be honest, I didn’t disclose everything. Well you already have the box open your halfway there!

These sets were meant to be opened and enjoyed, not to stay in a box forever on a shelf! I will go along with the majority here and say build it.

Unless of course you will think about selling it in instductions future. For lrgo, I will probably never sell any of my LEGO so building inshructions and playing with it is the priority. I bought a and promptly opened it, my daughter sat instructiona the box and squished it and I took it outside against the advice of the instructions and drove it off a piece of play equipment onto the concrete. It did damage some of those nice silver pieces but I guess it is getting played with and the monetary value makes no difference to inshructions as it won’t get sold.

I did cringe when I saw what happened to the pieces but now after a few months it doesn’t bother me. I don’t go out to actively destroy my LEGO it just happened that the controller lost contact with receiver and I couldn’t stop it!

This set is amazing I remember instructionz it for Christmas, back in ‘ Ahhhh good memories from childhood.

You won’t regret it. And if you get the instructjons club car that was sold as a separate set, get it and build it! It’s totally worth it! I’m convinced, I think I’ll build it around Christmas Until then, maybe I’ll find a box top that comes in better condition. Totally worth building it for yourself for sure! It’s yours to enjoy leyo to keep in your collection. I wouldn’t sell it if I were in your shoes with those sets.


If you are a MISB collector don’t build it. If you like running trains, definitely build it.

I think someone posted that there is a very small difference, e. As for the metroliner, I think the original has a door that is printed while the reproduction has stickers.

I think the number of holes in instructinos baseplates might also differ. You could compare the part inventories on bricklink or other sites. That’s one of the great things about lego, you break a part or scratch it up, you just have to get a instructilns piece.

You don’t have to llego the whole set. Inthe contents are well packed in blister and the sticker and the manual are well placed too so upon unboxing legoo will appear nice and in perfect condition. Inthe packing method sucks and bad. Everything is mixed together were you will see many scratches. As for the sticker and the manual, they are the worst if you are nit Luckymanual is squeezed and the sticker is squeezed and peeled off from their places.

I love how lego illustrated their interior sets with blisters and cartons as from the packing is so cheap. I’ve heard some people complain about instrucyions Legends sets. I’ll say though that I had andand I was satisfied with the conditions. Granted, I was 12 years old, but I was a picky fan even then. I guess it’s also a matter of luck. I Do agree cannot agree with you more. I have had bad experience of buying and building used lego set.

Since then, no used set for modular.

I have bought second hand and In case ofthe 2×2 of rear coupling holder was loose I decided to buy new one and I picked up a used from Craigslist. Instructiosn box was in better shape but it does not have the interior packing materials.

I’m curious as to what the piece of literature is in the upper left of the instruction picture that show the pirate and space man fleeing from the train on a handcar.

Also, since this is an old thread, did you ever build it for Christmas? I am getting mine and soon amd thought to keep this thread alive as i will post some detailed photos of the sets. If you are bumping oego topic, please wait till you actually have something useful to add. Now you are just bumping to say you will be adding something later.

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