Commissioned in , this translation of The Book of Concord brings a new generation of scholarship and sensitivities to bear on the foundational texts of. Pastor Doug May, Socorro, New Mexico, has been publishing weekly readings from the Book of Concord for several years. These are associated with the. Commissioned in , this new translation of The Book of Concord brings a new I recently joined a Lutheran (LCMS) church after becoming dissatisfied with.

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Jacobs and others, published by G. Please refer to the grid below:. The Symbolical Books of the Ev. Missouri Quality Award Winner. Calwer Verlag, ; cf.

Welcome to the Book of Concord

I had one of the first Macs at work, but since then have used Real Computers [ducking] http: The Lutheran Confesions The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.

Christian repeated unanimous confession of later-named Electors, Princes, and Estates of the Augsburg Confession, and of their theologians’ doctrine and faith. CPH reserves the right to change the discount schedule at any time without notice. As the centuries of church history off moved along, various questions bbook arisen. I have the Kolb-Wengert edition of Book of Concord. Have more questions about the Book of Concord?


The Book of Concord of Fortress Press,vii-viii. I should encourage our congregation to do a Bible Study series using the Book of Concord.

Book of Concord Readings

Lutherans believe that the Holy Scriptures are the written Word of God and the only rule and norm of faith and of practice. The manner of presentation was the translation of the German text on the top of the page, that of the Latin on the bottom.

Some of them are due to the fact that the translation was based in part not on the text of the editio princepsbut on the altered Latin octavo edition. The Concordia edition done in is easier reading for the modern reader, so we would recommend that all of our readers have their own edition available to them.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Part of a series on. A recent book on Lutheranism asserts, “To this day We are exploring bringing it back into print, since we continue to receive requests for it. They are also known as the symbolical books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Untersuchungen zur Textgeschichte einer lutherischen BekenntnisschriftStuttgart: The English translations of the BOC are as follows: Again, you can read the segment in your own Concordia Edition if you find that reading easier for you.


Jacobs and others published the next English version in with a revised “People’s Edition” in This offer is not available for sales of products purchased for resale. What wonderful deals there are. Fisher, and Arthur Carl Piepkorn as additional translators.

We do not believe the Book of Concord merely represents “what we as Lutherans believe” nor what Lutherans at one time believed. This was begun but left unfinished by John C. Even though the Church is scattered throughout the whole world, it is One in Christ Jesus.

What information should we know?


The Tappert edition had used the quarto edition as the basis of its translation. I am glad I waited for a better product. A smaller edition with just the English text was also published. Also Melanchthon had a share in this work Whereas, It is most appropriate for the members of a Lutheran church and other Christians to join in the celebration of that anniversary; and.

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