Labor Law Codal Law Books by Rex Book Store. Labor Code of the Philippines: Presidential Decree No. , as Amended, Full- service law firm in the Philippines with worldwide affiliates. Visit CHAN ROBLES . Name of Decree. – This Decree shall be known as the “Labor Code of the Philippines”. ARTICLE 2. Date of effectivity. – This Code shall take effect six (6) months.

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Trade and industry asso ciatio ns may re co mme nd to the Se cre tary o f Lab o r appro priate e ducatio nal re q uire me nts fo r diffe re nt o ccupatio ns. Appo intme nt to any vacancy in a spe cific divisio n shall co me o nly fro m the no mine e s o f the se cto r which no minate d the pre de ce sso r.

The Secretary of Labor shall then determine if they are entitled to an employment permit. No employer, in his own behalf or in behalf of any person, shall make any deduction from the wages of his employees, except:.

Labor Code of the Philippines

Administration and Disbursement of Funds. Provided, That the monthly income benefit shall be the new amount of the monthly benefit for all covered pensioners, effective upon approval of this Decree. No employer may hire a Filipino worker for overseas employment except through the Boards and entities authorized by the Secretary of Labor.

An e mplo ye r o cpdal indire ct e mplo ye r may re q uire the co ntracto r o r sub co ntracto r to furnish a b o nd e q ual to the co st o f lab o r unde r co ntract, o n co nditio n that the b o nd will answe r fo r the wag e s due the e mplo ye e s sho uld the co ntracto r o r sub co ntracto r, as the case may b efail to pay the same.

In case the service charge is abolished, the share of the covered employees shall be considered integrated in their wages. Handicapped workers are those whose earning capacity is impaired by age or physical or mental deficiency or injury.

Apprenticeship agreements, including the wage rates of apprentices, shall conform to the rules issued by the Secretary of Labor and Employment. The Commission shall decide philipipnes cases within twenty 20 working days from receipt of the answer of the appellee; otherwise, the appealed decision or award shall be considered affirmed.

Pro vided, further, That if he has no p rimary b e ne ficiary, the Syste m shall pay to his se co ndary b e ne ficiarie s the mo nthly inco me b e ne fit b ut no t to e xce e d sixty mo nths: His income benefit shall not be less than twenty-six pesos per week, except where his average weekly wage is less than this amount, in which case the weekly compensation shall be the entire amount of such average weekly wage.

It is the policy of the State — To promote and maintain a state of full employment through improved manpower training, allocation and utilization; To protect every citizen desiring to work locally or overseas by securing for him the best possible terms and conditions of employment; To facilitate a free choice of available employment by persons seeking work in conformity with the national interest; To facilitate and regulate the movement of workers in conformity with the national interest; To regulate the employment of nonresident aliens; To strengthen the network of public employment offices and to undertake the phasing out of private fee-charging employment agencies; and To insure careful selection of Filipino workers for overseas employment in order to protect the good name of the Philippines abroad.


Personnel not absorbed by or transferred to the Commission shall enjoy benefits granted under existing laws. The number of months of paid coverage shall be defined and approximated by a formula to be approved by the Commission.

Initial training in trade fundamentals in a training center or other institution with subsequent actual work participation within the sponsoring firm or entity during the final stage of training. The Bureau is hereby empowered to certify collective bargaining agreements which comply with standards established by the Secretary of Labor for such purpose.

Visito rial and Enfo rc e me nt Po we r. Provided, That any person or entity which, in any manner, offers or promises for a fee, employment to two or more persons shall be deemed engaged in recruitment and placement. This manpower plan shall, after adoption by the Council, be updated annually and submitted to the President for his approval. Establishments which are required by law to maintain a clinic or infirmary shall provide free family planning services to their employees which shall include, but not be limited to, the application or use of contraceptive pills and intrauterine devices.

This Title shall not apply to farm tenancy or leasehold, domestic service and persons working in their respective homes in needle work or in any cottage industry duly registered in accordance with law. Refusal of examination or treatment. Upo n assumptio n into o fficethe me mb e rs no minate d b y the wo rke rs and e mplo ye rs o rg anizatio ns shall dive st the mse lve s o f any affiliatio n with o r inte re st in the fe de ratio n o r asso ciatio n to which the y b e lo ng.

Directors shall be appointed by the President on recommendation of the Council. Deduction to ensure employment. Hours worked shall include a all time during which an employee is required to be on duty or to be at a prescribed workplace; and b all time during which an employee is suffered or permitted to work. However, said authority or license to hire or recruit may be renewed: Specialists who are properly certified by the Philippine Medical Association shall be entitled to collect ten pesos P The pre se nce o f fo ur me mb e rs shall co nstitute a q uo rum.

The Secretary of Labor and Employment, in consultation with industrial, medical, and occupational safety and health associations, shall establish the qualifications, criteria and conditions of employment of such health personnel.

All medical information relevant to the particular injury or sickness shall, on demand, be made available to the employee or the System. The monthly income benefit shall be guaranteed for five years, and shall be suspended if the employee is gainfully employed, or recovers from his permanent total disability, or fails to present himself for examination at least once a year upon notice by the System, except as otherwise provided for in other laws, decrees, orders or Letters of Instructions.

Actual training of apprentices may be undertaken:. All re ve nue s co lle cte d b y the Syste m unde r this Title shall b codap de po site d, inve pabor d, administe re d and disb urse d in the same manne r and unde r the same co nditio ns, re q uire me nts and safe g uards as pro vide d b y Re pub lic Act Numb e re d Ele ve n Hundre d Sixty-O neas ame nde d, with re g ard to such o the r funds as are the re unde r b e ing paid to o r co lle cte d b y the SSS and GSIS, re spe ctive ly: An order issued by the duly authorized representative of the Secretary of Labor and Employment under this Article may be appealed to the latter.

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It shall avail itself of the services of other agencies of the Government as may be required.

Regional Manpower Development Centers. ProvidedThat they conform with the policies, rules and regulations, decisions, orders and resolutions of the Employees Compensation Commission.

Labor Code of the Philippines, as Amended

Thereafter, its appropriation shall be made part of the regular General Appropriations Decree. In the case of the following injuries, the disability caused thereby shall be deemed total and permanent:. If the result is a decimal fraction, the same shall be rounded off to the next higher lxbor. To require any person, establishment, organization or institution to submit such employment information as may be prescribed by the Secretary of Labor.

Codals, et al. – P.D. Labor Code of the Philippines

Every apprenticeship agreement shall be signed by the employer or his agent, or by an authorized representative of any of the recognized organizations, associations or groups and by the apprentice. The Secretary of Labor and Employment may, through appropriate regulations, collect reasonable fees for the inspection of steam boilers, pressure vessels and pipings and electrical installations, the test and approval for safe use of materials, equipment and other safety devices and the approval of plans for such materials, equipment and devices.

The Secretary or his duly authorized representatives shall issue writs of execution to the appropriate authority for the enforcement of their orders, except in cases where the employer contests the findings of the labor employment and enforcement officer and raises issues supported by documentary proofs which were not considered in the course of inspection.

Wo me n Nig ht Wo rke rs. To perform such other acts as it may deem appropriate for the attainment of the purposes of the Commission and proper enforcement of the provisions of this Title.

Each e mplo ye r and his e mplo ye e s shall re g iste r with the Syste m in acco rdance with its re g ulatio ns. The Co mmissio n shall sit en banc o nly fo r purpo se s o f pro mulg ating rule s and re g ulatio ns g o ve rning the he aring and dispo sitio n o f case s b e fo re any o f its divisio ns and re g io nal b ranche s and fo rmulating po licie s affe cting its administratio n and o pe ratio ns.

No employer shall discriminate against any person in respect to terms and conditions of employment on account of his age.

Provided, further, That if he has no primary beneficiary, the System shall pay to his secondary beneficiaries the monthly income benefit but not to exceed sixty months: ProvidedThat the aggregate liability of the System for all types of disability benefits shall not exceed in any case the amount of twelve thousand pesos P12, De d uc tio n to Ensure Emp lo yme nt.