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Toen ik op ongeveer driekwart van het boek was, ben zo’n beetje diagonaal gaan lezen, want Auster kon me niet meer bij de les houden.

There were some stories that didn’t have an ending: Y en paralelo a la novela de Nick, Orr va contando la novela de su propia vida, de su matrimonio con Grace, una mujer cuyo pasado desconoce And why did he follow Mr Chang, and how did he loose the manuscript. Then he lays it down flat so that there is no point of orientation, we can’t make out the bottom from the top, but we can glide over its slippery surface taking great care and occasionally glance down at some weird reflection.

I feel I float through the best of what he does and it is difficult to get a handle on what is being reached for. Oct 29, Fabian rated it really liked it. When it opens, Sidney is recovering from a mysterious and debilitating illness a stroke? I regret that because the first nine tenths of the novel are fun to read.

It was all over the place too much for my taste: La Trama Nupcial Jeffrey Eugenides. There’s Martine, a prostitute from Haiti. Check out the top oarculo of the year on our page Best Books of Oracle Night by Paul Auster – 4 stars 5 23 May 20, I mean, I know that life is full of coincidences.

A defender of this book might argue that this is intentional, that because the protagonist is a novelist it is a comment on the way the novelist sees the world as potential stories, stories that are defeated by horrors too unimaginable.


I don’t know orafulo I will again read anything by Paul Auster. Feb 21, Gmatchette rated it it was amazing.

Then what is left is something like the strata of rock, each layer signifying different eras in soil but here the unknowable passage we take from our point of view, fractured, subjective and incomplete. I was hoping that would lead to all kinds of mysterious back and forth between the stories, and a sudden litany of questions about what’s real and what’s the story, but this turned out to not be that kind of book.

The main character was writing a book and some things oracullo, all more ore less ar random.

While I still believe Auster to be an amazing story teller, this story was only mildly interesting. Probably I’ll add more stars later.

La noche del orĂ¡culo

Auster writes brooding stories, there’s always something below the surface and to find out what’s going on is a challenge I learned a few new words. It’s a lovely, recursive study in storytelling and memory, but I couldn’t let go of the women at the center of the story, and the emptiness in the writing for them.

I could have just put this bit of the review up there with the main part of the review but now you’re down here reading this part of the review and by the time you glance back up to the main thread you’ll have forgotten what I was talking about up there and be thinking about the footnote which is really just the story continued in another way.

Doch im Gegensatz zu anderen Werken des Autors kippt das Buch nie. He lent me Oracle Night instead. Through the entire story I had the feeling I was on the verge of stumbling on the meat of it, but it never happened.


Oracle Night by Paul Auster

I like this book because it deals with the life of a writer, Sydney Orr, who has suffered a long illness and is just picking up his interrupted life.

It was a depressed story all over the place and I almost felt as if it was just written with no preparations in one sitting, so I’m giving it 2 stars. Una Semana de Vacaciones Christine Angot. And I don’t think I am going to try any other of Paul Auster’s novels any time soon. I can see, smell and feel New York I could buy arguments that that was the author’s intention, but it came off as sloppy writin Here’s the thing: Y en paralelo a la novela de Nick, Orr va contando la novela de su propia vida, de su encuentro y su matrimonio con Grace, una mujer cuyo pasado desconoce I’d have liked this book to be longer and it easily could have beenbut overall it was a fantastic read which piqued my interest in Auster enough for me to go straight on to another of his books – The New York Trilogy – after finishing it.

Not a good book I like this book because it deals with the Auster’s favourite theme is randomness, chance. Aside from that story the main protagonist is also writing a screenplay for a timetravel movie and we meet two more characters and the thing is that at about half of the book none of them matter anymore as we start focusing on the writers tragic life and the stories he was writing are almost forgoten.

So is it annoying or is it just me?