On Defining African Wiredu – forthcoming – African Philosophy: The Essential Readings (New York: Paragon). Repr. In H. Nagl-Docekal and. Could there be a truly African philosophy that goes beyond traditional folk thought? Kwasi Wiredu tries in these essays to define and demonstrate a role for . Kwasi Wiredu is currently Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy in the University of South Florida, Tampa, where he.

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Wiredu, Kwasi | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Philosophers regularly build on both the successes and the failures of their predecessors. Wiredu opposes the ethnophilosophical ” and “philosophical sagacity” approaches to African philosophyarguing that all cultures have their distinctive folk-beliefs and world-views, but that these must be distinguished from the practice of philosophising. The point is, in Africa, forms of sociality exists that can no longer be found in the North Atlantic civilization.

Myth and RealityLondon: This understanding is purely political and has therefore, a practical import. Wiredu, on the other hand, not only avoided the lure of socialism but went on to denounce it as an unfit ideology. Hountondji ; in those times of extreme ideologizing, never avoided the required measure of socialist posturing. A passage from an interview explains the issue of his institutional relation to African philosophy:.

Inwhilst vacationing with his aunt in Accra, the capital of Ghana, he came across another philosophical text which influenced him tremendously.

Philosophical thinking strongly emphasizes clear formulation of ideas and problems, selection of relevant data, and objective methods for assessing ideas and proposals. It is therefore appropriate iwasi proceed gradually, traversing the problematic interfaces between various languages in search of satisfactory structures airedu meaning.

This crucial difference should be noted alongside what shall soon be demonstrated ,wasi be the Wiredu conception of decolonization. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Retrieved from ” https: Could there be a truly African philosophy that goes beyond traditional folk thought? Second, he intends to dislodge unnecessary Western epistemologies that are wiredy be found in African philosophical practices. This does not mean that I have altogether ignored my earlier interests, for indeed, I continue to teach subjects like Western logic and epistemology Wiredu in Oladiop In this essay, Wiredu argues that the:.


In other words, African philosophy finds its form, shape and also its conceptual moorings above the discursive platform provided by Western philosophy. The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy. Kwasi WireduW.

Kwasi Wiredu (1931— )

Find it on Scholar. These are some of the central concerns which appear in Kwasi Wiredu and Beyond: First, Africa as a spatial entity would require further re-drawing of its often problematic geography. But from kwai, we get a glimpse of not only his political orientation but also his philosophical predilections. On Defining African Philosophy.

And here science stands as the crucial factor in the transition from the traditional to modern world, what is needed is method applied that is to say the habits of exactness and rigour in kwssi, the pursuit of systematic coherence and the experimental approach, it is for the philosophers to precipitate the desired 4 K.

Let’s say hypothetically an African was born and raised in China. Wiredu, for many decades, was involved with a project he termed conceptual decolonization in contemporary African systems of thought.

One’s ability to kwqsi freely is dependent on one’s ethical considerations. His influences include, apart from his tutors at Oxford, David Humeand Immanuel Kantand the pragmatist John Deweyand the epistemologicalmetaphysical, and ethical resources of the Akan culture.

A Companion to African Philosophy. Philosophy and Job Placement in Africa On some of the drawbacks of tradition Wiredu writes, it is as true in Africa as anywhere else that logical, mathematical, analytical, experimental procedures are essential in the quest for the knowledge of, and control over, nature and therefore, in any endeavour to improve the condition of man. So Derrida identifies a few new factors that need to be included in the critique of Marxism in the contemporary moment namely the phenomenon of spectralization caused by techno-science wkasi digitalization, the weakening of the practice of liberal democracy and also the crises and multiple contradictions inherent in global capitalism.


As a philosopher versed in analytic philosophy, truth is a primary concern of Wiredu and this concern is incorporated into his analysis of Marxist philosophy.

Kwasi Wiredu

By conceptual decolonization, Wiredu advocates a re-examination of current African epistemic formations in order to accomplish two aims.

History of Western Philosophy. In fact, it is not merely a conviction; there are several instances within the broad spectrum of his philosophical corpus where he tries to put it into practice. He believes this traditional framework hosts a two part conception of a person. The volume as a whole presents some of the best non-technical work of a distinguished African philosopher, of importance equally to professional philosophers and to those with a more general interest in contemporary African thought and culture.

As such, inherent in the thrust for complete decolonization is the presence of colonial violence itself.

In other words, African philosophy is the reflection of an African or non-African on how Africans make sense of their existence and the world in which they live, based on the African cultural experience and reality. African Studies Center Leiden. Accordingly he is quite convincing when he argues that polygamy in a traditional setting amounts to efficient social thinking but is most inappropriate within a modern framework.

One learns to build and defend one’s own views, to appreciate competing positions, and to indicate kwasl why one considers one’s own views preferable to alternatives. This includes one’s biological constitution. Ashanti system was a consensual democracy. One is not born a person but becomes one through events and experiences that lead one to act ethically. A Companion to African Philosophy. On Traditional African Consensual Rationality. The wiresu is indeed very significant, because of the numerous imponderables that come into play.

Secondly, it usually entails an attempt at the retrieval of a more or less fragmented historical heritage. Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject’s importance, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance.