An-shu gives a from-the-heart explanation and interpretation of training in spiritual protection power projection for martial artists – the ninja’s legendary Kuji Kiri. Before going to explain Kuji-Kiri, let me give a short introduction of Hand Seals. Hand seals are symbols or signs made with hands to perform. Kuji-Kiri (九字切り lit. “nine symbolic cuts”) is a practice of using hand gestures found today in Shugendō and Shingon Mikkyō. It is also present in some old and .

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History of the Nine Syllables Simple hand mudra used in meditation. Mystical Properties Edit It was believed that the practice of Kuji-Kiri yielded the user superhuman attributes in certain applications as an esoteric practice which, when performed with an array of hand “seals” kuji-inwas meant to allow the ninja to enact superhuman feats.

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This can mean control of natural elements such as the sky, river, trees and even animals to assist the practitioner in their intention. With each of the stages of enlightenment that come from the kui syllables comes a new set of inner confrontations, which must be addressed and controlled before moving to the next level.

The visualization point is the center of the head directly behind the eyes. This fourth chakra is considered the dividing point between lower and higher spiritual realms.

Now when the symbol is drawn, make the respective sign with hands and chant name of Kuji with a strong Kiai, either physically or inwardly. Missing Nin 9 September at The light is truth, and our eternal guide.

Kuji-Kiri | Ninja Self Defense

The Buddhist movement spread through China and later kiti Japan circa A. Visit our page on facebook: Three on one I beat all of them.

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In Kuji-in the thumb represents the source of power Kuand the fingers represent the four elemental manifestations. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Where can I learn magic techniques? The Kuji Kiri performed with the right hand are to emphasize the cut of the ignorance of the Maya illusion that is the deceptive sensory world through the Sword of the Wisdom. I assure you I’m not someone here because of anime. This article may be confusing or unclear to readers. Zen brings enlightenment and understanding.

I also would like to reassure you my martial skill are very developed and solid. The ZEN kuji offers a skill often credited to the art of Ninjutsu by mainstream stereotypes. Please tell me more about yourself like where do you live, if you want me to help you find a reliable dojo near you.

I think both almost means the same thing. Do you have any form of social media. The Yoga of Ninjutsu. He then put me against a 1st degree brown belt.

There is no corresponding gland or chakra for the ZAI kuji. Learn how your comment data is processed.

This is a technique, which amongst other areas, could prove crucial in a mission or battle. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Kuji-in was used kuui build confidence and strength in the ninja. As a shinobi, whether or not you choose to practice the kuji kiri, it is recommended that you constantly revisit your intentions.

As is the story of many martial arts origins, the nine hand seal techniques find their origin in ancient Hindu teachings.

Kuji-kiri – Wikipedia

It is recommended that if you do not judge what you perceive from others, you will be capable of perceiving with more clarity. The limitations depend upon your efforts and the opportunities life give you.


Qigong is a similar system based on energy centers called dantian. This article related to a term from martial arts is a stub. Overview Edit Kuji-in is the spiritual and mental strength the ninja possessed in the form of hand signs.

Martial arts require some outer look at your own personality so while you think you have known a lot, you may not have known anything at all. They are Chi earth – solidsSui water – liquidsKa fire – combustion and Fu wind – gases.

I can only tell you one thing that it’s all about belief. The left hand Taizokai represents a receptive valence, and the right hand Kongokai conveys an emitter valence.

The Mystery of Kuji Kiri Revealed

Views Read Edit View history. Do you know any reliable Kuji-in practitioners? Try to find a dojo near you if you wish to really practice martial arts; internet is not a reliable source to learn martial arts from even if you be a kiti and quick learner by yourself.

Kuji-in is the spiritual and mental strength the ninja possessed in the form of hand signs. The Heart of Kuji Kiri: Jin increases the mind’s telepathic powers, kjri a highly trained Ninja the ability to read the character of another; Retsu gives telekinetic powers, enabling a ninja to stun an opponent with a shout or touch. Missing Nin 19 August at