View and Download Blueant Interphone F4 stereo instruction manual online. for helmets. Interphone F4 stereo Portable Stereo System pdf manual download. View and Download Blueant Interphone F4 manual online. stereo. Interphone F4 Telephone pdf manual download. Interphone F4 stereo Bluetooth motorcycle intercom system review. The F4 instruction manual clearly describes how to use all of the.

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Normally phones don’t have a default temoerature scale. Cell Phones Answered 2 hours ago. Enter text from picture: I think you guys provide a valuable resource and I would have, based on your review, been happy with the product if I could have actually used c4. Relay Connection Error 0. I used the supplied Velcro to mount the speakers and mic.

Both cell phone and interhone work well together, both connect to the F4 at the same time as promised so I am happy about that. Anyhow, did you ever hear something about this problem? Also includes is an extra foam microphone anti-wind cover a pair of extra helmet speaker mounts; a small battery charger V in North America with a dual connector to charge two F4 modules at once with a single wall plug; and the instruction manual with a separate pocket guide.

Comments are ordered from most recent to interphobe. Your experience may differ. Frankly, I feel that if one cannot talk on the phone while riding he should reconsider riding altogether.

USB and Power Distribution. This brings us manusl the Interphone F3, which is a new system that appears identical to the F4 shown here. I would comment that the wires are very light gauge.



I am sure many a rider has gained very good decision making information from the site. I have, however, pulled over off the road in a safe spot to make or receive a call, which is distracting enough in itself. Interphone F4 Bluetooth Intercom. The range and the sound quality are excellent; better than any other intercom communications system that Burn, Bill and I have used so far. With the F5MC these two units can be also be other brands of intercoms but not capable of conference communication.

They may not break so easily either, due to the higher initial strength interpnone the lower fatigue limit.

INTERPHONE F4 “MC” Series Bluetooth ® Motorcycle Communicators – Single (Discontinued)

But the head is so small it fits between other electrical outlets in a surge strip, rather than taking up the space of two or three outlets on the surge strip, which often happens with electronic gear. So we included a brief clip in the video that we used during an experiment that shows me walking away from the video camera while talking on the F4. As an integral feature of the headset and depending on its inferphone, typically 2nd or 3rd, using the intercom will or can impact other audio services.

So…these f 4 units are new out of the box, on initial full charge, paired in rider passenger manuak mode. There was iterphone a broken wire where it connected to the microphone side speaker. Please refer to the section Use – Telephone section.

If the system is streaming music, it will be interrupted also for the cell phone alert or GPS instructions and will return to the music when the call is complete. We have two individual units, and of course two units are intrrphone for rider-to-passenger or bike-to-bike communications. Interphone F2 City -1 Questions. They no longer stock either nor will they in the future. Interphonw guess it has a better Bluetooth audio stack? Cell Phones Posted 6 hours ago Be the first to answer.


Other helmets, like the AGV K3, have the liner attached to the shell in a way that will not allow the clip to slide up between the two, so the stick-on module must be used instead.

The webBikeWorld evaluators wear properly fitted ear plugs for intercom evaluations. This is described in Section 3. Well, I want it!


It took t4 doing to get the speaker location right but since we used these helmets for intercom anywaywe had a hand up on 1st time installers. The Interphone F4 is sold as either an individual unit or a twin pack. The microphone installation was mildly more difficult as I needed to be able to remove and fit the helmet without knocking it our of place, but that too was achieved within a half or so. My question is, have you experienced this problem with either the F4 or the Sena? Cell Phones Answered 12 hours ago.

Poor tech support and service. So I was now ready to go for a ride to see if the F4 could cope with the real world, with all the engine and wind noise, possible rain and most importantly, all the hazards that we motorcyclists encounter on the road.