This tutorial covers a core set of Intel XDK features to help you learn the app development workflow.; Author: Android on Intel; Updated: 14 Jan. In this Article we will discuss about Cross Platform Development using Intel XDK. Cross platform development stands for write a single. Building Mobile Apps Using Intel® XDK. iOS, Android and Windows Phone Development. (17). students. Created by QScutter Tutorials. Last updated 6/.

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You can simulate several features of your app including motion, geolocation and compass. An Intel XDK tutorails corresponds to an app and provides a container for your project files and associated settings. An Intel XDK project corresponds to an app and provides a container for your project files and associated settings.

See the Projects Overview for more information.

Use the Intel XDK Emulator floating ihtel to quickly identify and fix defects before you test your app on an actual mobile device. Url of the website.

Coding your first cross platform app with Intel XDK

Documentation and debugging tutorial for the Hello Cordova Sample. As the title is being used from that header there is no point having a title attribute on that panel. Create your new app. One of the best things about cross-platform mobile application development is, once the app is developed, it can be launched on multiple OS. You can test your app via a test server in the cloud or via a local Wi-Fi network to which both your development machine and test mobile device tutofials connected.

  ISA TR20.00.01 PDF

App that executes on a web server. Now, back to design view and drag some UI elements from the left side panel,First of all, we will put the header and set the title of the application.

Finally, if needed you can activate third-party plugins: The Intel XDK operates on only one project at a time. Click on build button. In xddk upper-left, use the two drop-down menus and the Start Simulator button to start the device simulator:.

Use Intel XDK to export to Android or iOS [GDevelop wiki]

Actual, physical mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. It is convenient for testing how an app will look yutorials function on an actual, physical mobile device.

Documentation and debugging tutorial for the Hello Cordova Sample. To do it, click on Projects in the top-leftthen choose your project and on the right open Build Settings:. Home GDevelop website Forums Search.

We will do this later in this tutorial. With just one line of code you can open browser inside a Intel XDK app. The App Titorials is a round-trip editor. Toggle from the Home tab to the Photos tab and you will see that no back button is shown.

What I generally do first is to clean up the unnecessary code that Intel has generated for you. See the Develop Overview tutorlals more information. Use the built-in code editor to edit XDKTutorial app code.

Launch the App Preview tool. It’s also a good idea to have custom icons for your game, but you can skip this step if you just inntel to do some tests.

The default values are sufficient for this tutorial. In the upper-left, use the two drop-down menus and the Start Simulator button to start the device simulator: You can also launch a built-in version of the CDT debugger from this floating window to debug app functionality.


The runtime engine rendering your HTML5 code in the emulator is based on the Chromium open source browser. App Framework is a simple font-end framework for building hybrid mobile applications. Click the download button to download it.

How i protect it from stealing…. This will be displayed tutoirals a monospaced font. The emulator is actually a web app that runs inside a node WebKit. Hiding and showing each palette column – Click the and controls.

Intel XDK Documentation – Getting Started Tutorial

Intel XDK legacy apps use pushMobi webservice to integrate p This tutorial does not cover on-device or remote debugging. Now that you are confident the XDKTutorial app works properly on a real mobile device, it is time to build your app.

This to minute tutorial helps you get started with the Intel XDK by walking you through a typical end-to-end workflow you can ultimately apply to your own app development process.

If the build fails, click the link to review a more detailed build log. This provisioning file need to be put in the exported game folder next to config.

Configure Your Build Options Let’s check your app build options before you try to build your app.