For this reason, a few shipowners or charterers choose to appoint an exclusive broker since they believe that the exclusive broker will better protect their. Shipbroking is a financial service, which forms part of the global shipping industry . Shipbrokers are specialist intermediaries/negotiators (i.e. brokers) between. Shipbroking is an exciting, fast-paced career with an international outlook – but what do shipbrokers actually do, what separates good from.

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While researching job opportunities in the shipping industry, I became confused as to the services each company provides in the industry.

Look forward to hearing from you in your blog. During any negotiation minor disputes may occur which are to be handled in accordance with market fluctuation, i.

Why is it so cheap and relatively short at only 39 pages? In the past, I used to work in a company that used an exclusive broker to market its ships and the situation was even worse. On the other line, I heard the voice of my close broker: Dry Cargo brokers maintain large databases of vessel positions, cargoes and rates, paying constant attention to the direction of the markets so as to advise their clients accurately as to how to maximize profits or minimize expenses.

What do you usually see: Ego, Greed or Professionalism in your daily ship chartering routine?

I especially like the part on “Getting in the door” where you emphasized the importance of “processes” to go about getting into the industry. They can also share their experience on various occasions and help principals with the charter party terms. Maybe, that is the case why an increasing number of chartering professionals uses our service regularly, for their personal benefit. You shibroking gave me tips on how shipbrokiny look for a shipbroker job more effeciently and effectively.


Finding your blog coincides with my interest to switch industry and pursue a career in the Shipping industry! I appreciate the advice, especially how to structure the career search. The shipbrokers not the operation executive were in close contact with the charterers to resolve problems such as isnide, cargo problems, and ensuring the goods arrive in good condition.

BTW – You will spend the next 20 years learning the remaining 20 percent! Save you years in terms of training when you xhipbroking be earning money. Just place your open inquiries and find suitable positions.

You could bury yourself in shipping academic books and spend thousands on shipping courses, but the harsh truth is that most of that training will go in one ear and out the other.

Tanker brokers may specialize in crude oilgasoil products or chemical tankers. Ship chartering is easy with us Just place your open inquiries and find suitable positions. The books can be purchased by clicking on the buy cart to your left. Are there any alternate methods to send payment. I just stumbled across your blog today during class and purchased the book immediately when I got home.

Inside Shipbroking – Buy Ship Broking Product on

Unique express learning technique. Here is another real story: It didn’t look that way in the beginning.

Subscribe to our blog articles Analytics, inspiration and fresh ideas for ship chartering community. That means they are fully downloadable files.

The Virtual Shipbrokers Books and Information: Inside Ship broking and Ship broker Fast Track.

Give you all the knowledge you need to start your career in shipbroking. Contents Introduction 6 Chapter 1: Inside Shipbroking and Shipbroking Fast Track are both ready to go! The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers sets educational standards throughout the industry worldwide, whose Fellows are accorded the privilege of using the post-nominal letters FICS. Dealing with brokers is really very useful and can make our working life easier. It has also opened my eyes with regards to taking my career to the next level.


This understanding should be ‘workable’ in the real world. So what was my goal in writing this manual? I must say the information and advice in the book is both enlightening and informative. The book is just as VS promised: I’m printing them now. One day, the shipowner realized that the costs of keeping an exclusive broker was higher than any benefits and decided to open its doors to the competitive market.

Eighty percent of a ship brokers work is based on a core set of principals and processes.

Tramp trade Bill of lading Demurrage Laytime. Looking forward to read this material. In my considered opinion, gained over 20 years in the industry, these essential elements should only take 20 percent of your time to absorb and understand. And shipbroling bank account will be many thousands less. I chance upon your blog and I am very excited to learn about it.

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