A readable introduction to the main theories of first and second language acquisition, relating them to approaches to classroom methodology. This is a completely revised and updated edition of this readable introduction to the study of language acquisition. By understanding how languages are learned . How Languages are Learned, by Patsy Lightbown and Nina Spada. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. Author(s): Argyres, Zoe J.

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Linguist, The Curious Person.

Popular ideas about language learning revisited. No trivia or quizzes yet. The first is that it’s amazing how little we actually know. Vital and necessary reading if you teach a second or foreign language.

How Languages are Learned by Patsy M. Lightbown

Return to Book Page. Easy read considering the topic is new and therefore challenging to many people. Dec 25, Chawki aouina rated it really liked it Shelves: Note that Chapter 7 is excellent – they look at prevailing ideas around language learning and break it down.

This book serves as a nice contrast to “Literacies” by Cope and Kalantzis. The writting felt really didatic and well structured, and I shall be returning to it for future references.

I do think it had good information and good examples, but it certainly could have been better used. Patsy LightbownNina Margaret Spada. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Issues in Applied Linguistics

The summaries of key studies were useful. It is reader friendly with clear examples. I found it very insightful about the way people acquire their first and second 3rd, 4th, etc. It definitely would not look like any thing like these sorts of books. It is mainly an academic book and useful to have a quick brush up on theories of language learning as it does not go much into the details of them but provides excellent list of books on the areas mentioned for further reading.


This edition of the standard introductory work on this subject is over 20 pp. Oct 01, Bruna Rafaela rated it really liked it Shelves: Contrary to most authors from the field, Lightbown is not pretentious. Helps teachers to assess the merits of different methods and textbooks, and make the most of their time with learners. I also learned a lot about how I can learn languages, and applied this information to my experience as a student of Italian and German.

Since I didn’t have an opportunity to start learning Spanish until I was already 14 and a lost cause according to manymy favorite part of this book was where they point out that children actually take years to acquire a language, we are far more patient with them and many older learners acquire language astonishingly quickly! Nevertheless, the book is simply packed with information that is also relevant to a student.

Sep 08, Skye rated it really liked it. Provides a link between theories on language acquisition and approaches and methodology in language teaching, and discusses practical implications for the classroom, using activities and projects.

How languages are learned / Patsy M. Lightbown and Nina Spada – Details – Trove

LightbownNina Spada Snippet view – The text is very approachable though targeted to teachersand even though some of the information given in the book might not be instantaneously applicable, the amount of useful knowledge is just incredible! Jul 16, Princess rated it really liked learnde.


LightbownNina Spada Snippet view – But I didn’t feel that researchers had got much beyond accumulating data. Nov 25, Mehrnaz Memar rated it really liked it Shelves: So I only needed to know the theories of the second language learning for two reasons: Declarative knowledge are the rules about the language a student might posses but doesn’t know how to execute in contrast to procedural knowledge. Dec 29, MrsMJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

LightbownNina Spada.

How Languages are Learned

The book is dedicated to teachers, and as such, offers superfluous information for a person simply interested in learning. Observing learning and teaching in the second language. It’s especially important for my fellow Latin teachers to read because Latin is in desperate need of revitalization. It was just what I was looking for in that it lannguages a good overview of the prevailing theories around language acquisition.

There’s obviously a big difference between learning your first language or languages and learning another after you can already talk.