Helmut Pottmann of TU Wien, Vienna (TU Wien) with expertise in: Applied Mathematics, Geometry and Topology and Computer Graphics. Read List of computer science publications by Helmut Pottmann. Outstanding Technical Contributions Award – Helmut Pottmann. Helmut Pottmann joined the Technical University of Vienna in as assistant professor.

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Dr. Helmut Pottmann, Director of Geometric Modeling and Sc… | Flickr

Reliable Computing 8 1: Graphical Models 65 6: Shi-Min HuHelmut Pottmann: Computer Aided Geometric Design 20 He is extremely well regarded not only in the graphics community, but also in architecture-related fields and has successfully transferred his research into architectural practice including a number of internationally renowned architectural projects and to the Evolute company that, sinceenables building projects featuring complex geometries by solving involved geometric problems.

Variational and PDE level set methods. Discrete Surfaces in Isotropic Geometry. Designing patterns using triangle-quad hybrid meshes. WagnerHelmut Pottmann: Shape space exploration of constrained meshes. Helmut PottmannThomas Randrup: Discrete geometric structures for architecture. Geometric modeling in shape space.


Outstanding Technical Contributions Award 2018 – Helmut Pottmann

Freeform honeycomb structures and lobel frames. Darboux cyclides and webs from circles.

Computer Aided Geometric Design 9 5: Interactive Design of Developable Surfaces. Freeform Architecture and Discrete Differential Geometry. Trier 1 Trier 2.

Helmut Pottmann

Computer Aided Geometric Design 15 2: Computer Aided Geometric Design 9 1: Geometry of multi-layer freeform structures for architecture. Discovering structural regularity in 3D geometry. Geometric design of motions constrained by a contacting surface pair.

Helmut PottmannMichael G. SmithRida T. Helmut PottmannYang Liu: Computer Aided Geometric Design 26 1: From curve design algorithms to the design of rigid body motions. Discrete affine minimal surfaces. Helmut has deep knowledge in pottmqnn facets of geometry and an extraordinary skill to identify important connections between mathematical theory and applied problems in geometry processing and architectural design.

Martin PeternellHelmut Pottmann: Error propagation in geometric constructions. Visualisierungstechniken und Algorithmen Rational curves and surfaces with rational offsets. They are an example of synthesis among exemplary scope, magnitude of the scientific contributions, and clarity of the exposition.


International Journal of Shape Modeling 7 1: Interpolation on pottmmann using minimum norm networks.

GuibasHelmut Pottmann: Computer-Aided Design 37 7: Towards efficient 5-axis flank CNC machining of free-form surfaces via fitting envelopes of surfaces of revolution. Special issue on geometric modeling and processing.

Computer Aided Geometric Design 11 6: FaroukiMohammad al-KandariHelmut Pottmann: Geometric Contribution to 3-axis Milling of Sculptured Surfaces. Projectively invariant classes of geometric continuity for CAGD.

Computer Aided Geometric Design 17 8: Design of self-supporting surfaces.

A variational approach to spline curves on surfaces. TU Wien, Vienna, Austria affiliation: A concept for parametric surface fitting which avoids the parametrization problem.

He has contributed new insights in the domain of discrete differential geometry and its application to discrete surface modelling. Computer Aided Geometric Design 6 4: Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation 2 2: Computer-Aided Design 38 6: Surface fitting based on a feature sensitive parametrization.