Rules FAQ. Updated October 1, For rules questions not addressed in this document or the official Halo ActionClix CMG rulebook. Halo ActionClix was announced on the 2nd of February, and released The basic rules for the game were released on August 14 on the Wizkids website. Board Game: Halo ActionClix» Forums» Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options 0, Halo Clix Initiative Question. by PhobosLars Sat Mar 29,

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I am no longer on MTGS staff, so please don’t contact me asking me to do staff things. All times are GMT Let me know if you need it. Its HeroClix and Pirates brands are among hako most successful games on the market today, with over million miniature game figures sold worldwide. The Fall of Reach. Hunters in the Dark.

Heroclix still has some life in it because a new company has picked up the license and is producing stuff for it Can you say free Halo swag sweetness? Anyone know what happened to these?


actiobclix Hey bro, don’t hate on clix games. Edit this page Discuss this page Page history. When this unit succeeds at a shot against an adjacent unit, the shot deals an extra one damage.

Other games Halo 3: With our venue hosue rules, both Master Chiefs have a range of 10, the other two a range of 6. Nov Join Date: The Master Chief Collection. For additional information, visit www. Insurrectionists United Rebel Front.

Halo ActionClix | Rules | Forum | RPGGeek

So you play them actiinclix to their point value, but the points awarded for the kill can only be awarded to an individual person once. You are currently viewing HCRealms. Halo ActionClix are the versatile man’s tabletop game. What Halopedia is not. Reference Art of Halo. I’ve got a few dozen extra’s, let me look and see if i can help you.

I almost won one tournament that hxlo came in second and did not lose a single man in that game. Originally Wctionclix by sgtregis. Check out our new MTGCommunity. Players can even purchase the largest figure that WizKids has ever created – the Scarab, from Halo 3. The Scarab has its own rules and the maps that go with it that will incorporate it into the game as well.

Interest was strong at first, but fell off quickly after a month or so, the venue couldn’t get their act together with the timing or events.


I don’t have a PDF, but again, they are printed on the back of every map included in every booster. If you bought such a booster for the figs you have, you have the rules. Otherwise, if getting a friend to share your ActionClix passions is too much of a chore, simply play against yourself or use them to decorate your crib.

The Art of Halo 5: When this unit succeeds at a shot, roll a die. Note the 58 MC: When this unit succeeds at a shot and the attack roll is doubles, the shot deals an extra two damage.

Halo ActionClix

This is a full list of the Halo ActionClix packs. User Name Remember Me? Most venues would not be playing extremely large teams, so the basic rules would be followed, which is a point team usually and three actions per side.