9 April — Guido Giannettini, Agent Zeta, is smuggled out of the country by the SID . 17 May — Gianfranco Bertoli throws a bomb at Milan police headquarters: 4. Guido Giannettini on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Music, Sports, Science and more. Phone, Suggest a phone number Guido Giannettini was an Italian secret agent . p>ActivismGuido Giannettini was born August 22, in.

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Spiazza, who had gguido front-page news in over his involvement with the Rosa dei Venti subversive network, continued: All under the aegis of the Soviet secret service: Very many — that has to count for something.

The intention was to strike at the SID through me. On arrival in the Spanish capital, Esposito took back the false passport and flew back to Italy. From now on no magistrate is going to dare delve any further into that undergrowth.

A historic verdict in two senses: During the fire a year-old worker, Gianfranco Carminatigiannetini his life. Bagnoli was given a two year suspended sentence for criminal conspiracy; Merlino was cleared on grounds of insufficient evidence, but got four years and six months for criminal conspiracy. The prosecution counsel is Vittorio Occorsio. Furthermore, the owner of the isolated house where the cache had been found had been there only a few days prior to the discovery — and guivo had been no weapons there at the time.

Guido Giannettini

Political rights — History. Marco Pozzan implicated Rauti in subversive activity, along with Freda and Ventura.

Guido Giannettini journalist and SID agent. The day after the discovery an article appeared in the daily Il Resto del Carlino — a newspaper belonging giannsttini the Attilio Monti group — over the by-line of Guido Paglia, an Avanguardia Nazionale member who had recently become a journalist.

Patrese had entered on his own and left on his own, but his evidence was insufficient and Juliano was accused of having entrapped the three fascists. But Paglia, however, in a frantic hurry to get his scoop as well as complete his provocation, had jumped the gun somewhat. Stiz and Calogero dispatched maresciallo Munari to Rome on 4 March to arrest Rauti on charges of massacre. Then years ago the upper echelons of the Italian state — the Christian Democrats and Social Democrats, who for years have effectively been working in cahoots with the Italian and American secret services using rightwing extremists as their cohorts in order to preserve the status quo in Italy, even at the price of bombs and outrages — were dropped from the case.


Loyal servicemen of considerable prestige have already formed the Nuclei di Difesa dello Stato within the Armed Forces. He also accuses Ovidio Bompressi another ex-member of Lotta Continua as the actual killer, and at Adriano Sofri and Giorgio Pietrostefanithe two leaders of that extra-parliamentary organisation, as having ordered the killing.

Briefly, this was the sort of set-up that would collapse even while the charges were being prepared. The first verdict, back incame ggiannettini a surprise, as did the first verdict in Catanzaro.

Guido Lorenzon who was an officer on the establishment of the base in Aviano at the time and who was among those who received the leaflet. This was followed by the usual outcome — the Court of Cassation annulled the trial and referred the case to the Court of Assizes in Potenza who cleared Malizia on all counts on 30 July The court of Cassation had this in mind when, on 10 Juneit entrusted a second appeal to Bari, to put paid once and for all to the proceedings against Giannettiniwho was able to announce: So many of the other protagonists are also dead, just as so many of their confederates have also left the stage.

Pietro Valpreda died on 7 July Not that this stopped him from mounting spectacular operations. Fumagalli had set up the Movimento di Azione Rivoluzionaria MAR and to provide cover for its illegal activities, he ran a garage, which specialised in off-the-road vehicles and associated activities.

Maletti was sentenced to four years for procuring perjured testimony and Labruna and Tanzilli each got two years.

But it did not begin immediately. The Strategy of Tension. But without warning the carabinieri unexpectedly blew up the 35 sticks. Inhe started to write in the Rivista Militarea journal of the Italian military general staff, and participated to various NATO meetings.


Lorenzon visited Albert Steccanellaa local lawyer who told him a long and convoluted story about a friend of his, Giovanni Venturaa publisher and bookseller from Castelfranco Veneto. The DS has come up with what seems at first glance to be a reconstruction sufficiently under-pinned by facts and verdicts and scrutiny.

On 7 November Comacchio went with some carabinieri from Treviso to collect the explosives. The last category comprised 25 MK2 pineapple-style hand grenades US-madeTNT, high-powered explosives pentritean anti-tank mine and detonators, fuses and German-made timers.

In my retraction, however, I therefore retracted something that I had never said, secretly hoping that that statement might then be taken for what it was, to wit, false. He gave them two keys that — as was later established in court — opened the prison doors.

Guido Giannettini – IMDb

Biannettini said that among the institutional officials actively shifting the blame towards the left was an officer in Padua, Manlio Del Gaudio. In Rome a bomb explodes in the Banca Nazionale del Lavorowounding 14, and two devices go off at the cenotaph in the Piazza Venezia, wounding 4. The given name Guy is the Norman-French version of this name. It was no coincidence that Judge Salvini was giamnettini to defend himself against charges levelled by fellow magistrates, especially by his Venetian colleague Felice Cassonwith help from the reporter Giorgio Cecchetti from La Nuova Venezia and La Repubblicathe source of a number of scoops relating to news that was still top secret.

April — Following the order for proceedings tabled by Judge Salvini, Grazia Pradella and Massimo Meroni are appointed prosecution counsel. But something went awry, or somebody backed out. On 3 January four left-wingers from giannegtini places were charged.