19, posts. 12, battles. [HINON] One of the most fun battleships in the game, and perfectly capable. I used a . I practically skipped over all of the lower tier German BBs and used Scharnhorst to grind up to Gneisenau. 19, posts . German DDs do not eat more AP pens than other destroyers in the game. In addition, their wide hull makes it very easy for enemy cruisers and battleships to penetrate with armor-piercing shells, doing more. km) and sunk or captured 16 merchant ships totaling 99, tons, Admiral Scheer far exceeded the accomplishments of her sister. .. 19, posts .. Maybe if Wargaming does a second German Cruiser Line or even a.

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The main battery turrets were mounted on the forecastle deck, as opposed to one deck higher as in the older ships. Close inspection of the wreckage confirmed that none of the torpedoes or shells had penetrated the second layer of the inner hull. Design study only [67].

Bismarck then shifted fire to Prince of Wales. I find the Bismarks guns to be pretty nice, not nearly as accurate as the NC or Amagi but accurate for me.

In early Januarythe ship was back in service, and after trials, left Germany on 7 January in greman with Prinz Eugen and five destroyers. After the refit, the Kriegsmarine reclassified him as a heavy cruiser for shore bombardment and supply delivery to Spain was not what Hitler had intended for his pocket battleships – commerce raiding of convoys was more the forte of this class.

List of battleships of Germany

Gneisenau ‘ s Seetakt radar picked up a radar contact at Their slow speed hindered the more modern dreadnoughts of the High Seas Fleet. She was fitted out with 7 x 6-inch guns of World War 1 vintage with each gun attaining a maximum range of 15, yards or 8.

  DIN 18801 PDF

Repair work on Gneisenau was completed by 26 Februarybattkeships she was scheduled to deploy to Norway on 6 March. Before sinking one of them, Acastamanaged to hit Scharnhorst with a torpedo at Yes, it’s AP pen is suspect against other BB’s at times but it is a solid tough ship and it’s guns are far more accurate than you are giving credit for. The explosion killed or injured 34 men and prompted the crew to flood the magazines for turret Caesar as a precaution against a magazine explosion.

These rescue operations were interrupted by the appearance of the cruiser Newcastle. Posted May 14 edited.

German battleship Bismarck – Wikipedia

In her final battle the following morning, the already-crippled Bismarck was severely damaged during a sustained engagement with two British battleships and two heavy cruisers, was scuttled by her crew, and sank with heavy loss of life. Scharnhorst was a German capital shipalternatively described as a battleship or battlecruiserof Nazi Germany ‘s Kriegsmarine.

In a recent battle I attacked and sunk two BBs at the same time, a Dunquerke and a Colorado while playing on the “Neighbors” map. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau operated together for much of the early portion of World War IIincluding sorties into the Atlantic to raid British merchant shipping.

Hardly Tier 4 firepower considering the V has 4x mm guns and does quite well with them at Tier 4! The Germans ceased fire as the range widened. The next day, a British corvette was discovered and sunk, along with the oil tanker Oil Pioneer. However, due to their age and vulnerability, they were withdrawn from active service by The two ships encountered another convoy, escorted by the battleship Malayaon 8 March. Dont be all gaga over your torps, they are good but most players arent stupid enough to let you in that close anymore.


Prince of Wales fired twelve salvos at Bismarckwhich responded with nine salvos, none of which hit. Posted September 4, With only turret Caesar operational, all available men were sent to retrieve ammunition from the forward turrets to keep the last heavy guns supplied.

In the II Battle Squadron was organized; the five Braunschweig -class battleships were assigned to it, along with the five new Deutschland -class ships. I am more comfortable rushing higher tier BBs in Gneisenau that I was in Scharnhorst because I can pen them sooner and those torps are just as delicious, just mind your angle so they don’t citadel you during your charge.

Find out more on Wikipedia’s Sister projects. They spent the remainder of the war as barracks ships before being broken up in Retrieved 21 March Only Baden and Bayern were completed, as ship building priorities shifted as the war dragged on.

His intention was to give the impression he was attempting to break out into the Atlantic, to draw British attention away from Scharnhorst as she made the return voyage to Germany. The Imperial German Navy — Empire CloudU 18 May: The radio operatorssignalmen, and quartermasters were assigned to the ninth division. Even with the outboard screws running at full power in opposite directions, they generated only a slight turning ability. It passed through the upper and middle decks before exploding on the main armored deck, which contained the blast.

For other ships of the same name, see Scharnhorst.