FNAr. AUtoloAdiNg riFle oWNer’S MANUAl. Important operating instructions for: . 5 3 2 4 4. lever-action firearms and rifles do not have manual “safety”. FNAR Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. FNH FN AR Owner’s Manual. This is a discussion on FNH FN AR Owner’s Manual within the FNAR forums, part of the FN Rifles & Shotguns.

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No one pays me for reviews. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Way to think of your customers needs FN.

Pushing 3 inches and no clue where shot 5 went. It only explains how to disassemble the gas system.

But that same notice now appears in almost all of FNH’s semi-auto manuals. Not a big deal really, but FNH should know that!

No, you infer that I implied the barrel is not heavy enough. As stated already, very unusual for FN. Too bad they are so stingy in the aftermarket and magazines.

Maybe the test should be done again by tnar competent shooter.

The GunDivas: Review: FNAR – Competition rifle that is not ready for competition

The rifle should be squared away right out of the box. Especially if you use fnat large diameter optic. That’s what gunsmiths are for. Fabrique Nationale needs to discontinue this rifle and remove it from the catalog. And a big thanks to FN for doing a half-ass job on the instruction manual. The short-stroke gas piston is located below the internally chromed [3] barrelwithin the stock.


Rarely do you see a negative review by the YouTube reviewers as well. Yes, it is kinda ugly and fnr Took longer and more ammo, but the Viper’s mechanical zero was actually pretty close.

Agree with Mama Fargo – fine looking gun and love, love, love my SCAR 17 – so I was hoping to hear it was what it purports to be – and I am a little disappointed in FN hearing about this one – I have not really known them to extol a product for something it’s not but I don’t really see any holes in your argument.

So I would say it’s more a gun that has a few competition features and a nicer look, than anything serious. The FNAR is not a nfar rifle in any way shape or form.

The Competition stock has no provisions for a sling or for a bi-pod. They are a bit more honest than the longtime mainstream guys, but not by much.

FN (FNH U.S.A.) Model FNAR – Manual (EN)

By Wicked Started January 7. The receiver is machined from aircraft-grade T6 aluminum alloy. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. By Capbyrd Started Yesterday at I will be lucky to hit rds per year Funny, didn’t realize we know each other and have seen each other shoot. Ah yes, not cleaning your gun is great for accuracy and reliability. The FNAR uses a two-stage non-adjustable trigger specified at between 3.

Why pay extra, then pay even more to get what you want. Due to some issues with my laser boresighter see belowI didn’t get to shoot it until today. But with iron sights you want a longer sight radius to minimize aiming errors. Really, that’s very bad if true. Though ambidextrous, it is located too far forward for easy access, which will slow down your magazine changes. Match grade, weight grain, FMJ boat-tail, or even if. I’d trade my base FNAR for this gun in a second, just because I like the looks and dislike separate pistol grips.


Funny, I did not see you there at the range when I tested this rifle. Therefore I stand by my opinion. The medium weight barrel unbalances the rifle. I’d just use it as it is, a bolt-gun accurate semi-auto for defense or hunting or whatever a. Anyway, my Main beef is that this rifle, which BTW clearly says 7.

FNH FN AR Owner’s Manual

Yes this is annoying, but how many mags are needed for competition? The fit and finish is excellent.

That blurb is in there for one reason or another, probably to cover their own asses for the 1 guy that will end up shooting rounds without cleaning or inspecting any parts on his own if something mahual acting fishy. This rifle has been on my wish list for a while.

This is AK territory. Having been a member on a couple FN based forums, I have never amnual the “return to mfr after for maintenance” claim.

Even with the medium weight barrel, the rifle acts very much like a light weight hunting rifle.