FM 100-61 PDF

FM Armor- and Mechanized-Based Opposing Force: Operational Art. • FM Armor- and Mechanized-Based Opposing Force. FM Armor- and Mechanized-Based Opposing Force: Operational Art. FM Armor- and Mechanized-Based Opposing Force: Tactics. FM The OPFOR operational doctrine outlined in FM represents a realistic . *This publication supersedes FM , 26 January

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If it is during the course of the offensive, support may have to begin with the protection of threatened axes by MODs and AT reserves and the route work needed for regrouping.

The routes selected should require 1000-61 least amount of engineer preparation and employment of engineer assets for route clearing. This menu of possible forces allows U.

List of United States Army Field Manuals – Wikipedia

However, when faced with a large, technologically advanced army, it may choose to redefine the terms of conflict and pursue its aims through terrorism, insurgency, or partisan warfare. It is likely that a variety of other missions could take priority over minelaying.

Creating passages for mobility in all environments is primarily an engineer task. Fortified positions increase weapons effectiveness and protect personnel, weapons, and materiel. Divisions organize crossings over small rivers up to 60 m wide using divisional engineer resources.

Other engineer tasks in the defense are clearing obstacles, crossing gaps, and eliminating the effects of fire strikes. The AT minefield serves to destroy or disable armored vehicles.


During the offense, the aims of deception are essentially the same as on the march. Some such forces are capable of sustained power-projection operations.

MODs lay minefields, dig AT ditches, emplace demolitions, and create other obstacles, such as abatis or log cribs to block forest roads. The OPFOR defense relies on a combination of positional defense and maneuver defense, exploiting the advantages of both. Although the MOD can operate independently, it normally operates with AT reserves to provide flank protection and to repel enemy counterattacks.

In more typical cases, however, the U. Infantry-based forces are common throughout the developing world. The referenced page often includes a definition of the indexed term.

The name of that country is the State. A wide variety of engineer activities contribute to information warfare. A particular training scenario may not require a large array of standing forces or justify the extensive use of mechanized infantry or tank forces.

List of United States Army Field Manuals

In the attack and in meeting engagements or battles, obstacles protect flanks, disrupt counterattacks, and strengthen captured positions. Many of these nations produce and export weapons and technology up through state-of-the-art systems. Decoy minefields are a significant form of deception. The focus of FM is fk small-to-medium infantry-based forces in which divisions and separate brigades are subordinate to military regions and districts.

The OPFOR depicts its enemy by using double-lined versions of the same symbols it uses for its own friendly forces. The operational art describes how army groups, armies, and corps conduct operations.


Rather, each module has its basis in the doctrine and organization of various foreign armies. Engineer support for defensive operations places emphasis on fortifying friendly troop positions, performing engineer camouflage measures, and adapting the terrain for defense.

It usually emplaces mines in groups or in 100-6. It often 100–61 the capability of organic engineers and even that of those likely attached as reinforcements. Field Manual depicts the forces of a developed country that devotes extensive resources 100-6 maintaining a military capability that rivals that of the United States.

They may also have high-technology communications and reconnaissance means. In the offense, the MOD usually moves forward with the AT reserve either on an open flank or in a central position ready to deploy to any threatened axis.

Sign In Sign Out. If the trainer requires a large infantry-based force, the combined use of FMs and may better suit his purpose. These may be the forces of a preindustrial nation or a nonnation group. Antilanding minefields prevent landings by amphibious, fn, or heliborne assault forces. FM provides the trainer with a military doctrine and operational art for the armor- and mechanized-based OPFOR. The OPFOR implements deception and protective measures in preparation for and during a march to hamper or prevent the enemy from discovering the true deployment of units and their actions and intentions.