Décryptez La Cantatrice chauve d’Eugène Ionesco avec l’analyse du ! Que faut-il retenir de La Cantatrice chauve, la célèbre pièce. Eugene Ionesco, or, in Romanian, Eugen Ionescu is one of the most famous Romanian playwrights. However there is some controversy over. Eugène Ionesco: La Cantatrice chauve. Directing: Viktor Kollár Stage design: Ján Zavarský Costumes: Zuzana Hudeková Opening night: 17th June

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Allegedly she is going to name another relative by the same name, but being that they all have the same name and work in the same industry the Smiths have a difficult time figuring out who is who. Je ne vous suivrai pas, je ne vous comprends pas.

Obviously some form of parody is intended here, probably of both the lessons and the English people. The idea for the play came to Ionesco while he was trying to learn English with the Assimil method.

In the end the characters leave him to die and he sits alone, while around him the doors, windows, and walls slowly disappear, as does the king himself. Then the Martins and the Smiths recite nonsensical truisms. They are surprised to find that they are both from the city of Manchester, that they both took the same train to London, that they both traveled third class, that they both reside at No.

But humorous too, of course: As the fire chief turns to leave, he mentions “the bald soprano” in passing, which has a very unsettling effect on the others. That’s because we live near London and our name is Smith. Like many plays in the theatre of the absurd genre, the underlying theme of The Bald Soprano is not immediately apparent. According to Ionesco, he had several possible endings in mind, including a climax in which the “author” or “manager” antagonizes the audience, and even a version in which the audience is shot with machine guns.


However, this cantatrive was only added in after the show’s hundredth performance, and it was originally the Smiths who restarted the show, in exactly the same manner as before. Smith reciting the events of the night with Mr.

As they argue the lights fade; when they rise again, the Martins are in the Smiths’ living room, repeating the same lines with which the Smiths opened the play. It ends with the two couples shouting in unison “It’s not that way.

Posted by Dr Tony Shaw. When the lights come back on, the scene starts from the beginning with the Martins reciting the Smiths’ lines from the beginning of the play for a while before the curtain closes. Another working title for the play was Il pleut des chiens et eugwne chats “It’s raining cats and dogs”.

La cantatrice chauve de Eugène Ionesco

Then they shift back to reality where they realize that he has left behind two children and they are gossiping about cgauve his wife will remarry. University of Michigan Press, Retrieved from ” https: But she is incapable of even the most basic substraction: Newer Euene Older Post Home.

The play opens on Mrs. Finally, Mary enters and tells her own story, in which she reveals that she is the lover of the Fire Chief.


The Bald Soprano – Wikipedia

In this way the end becomes a new beginning but, since there are two couples in the play, it begins the first time with the Smiths and the second time with chauge Martins, to suggest the interchangeable nature of the characters: At one point, Mrs.

The play then shifts back to reality and they realize that Bobby has been dead for four years. La apa Vavilonului in Romanian.

Hold, Rinehart and Winston, As they fall into each others’ arms and fall asleep, the maid returns to explain that they aren’t who they say they are, and that she Mary is Sherlock Holmes. The script is charged with non sequiturs that give the impression that the characters are not even listening to each other in their frantic efforts to make their own voices heard.

Martin Mary, the maid The Fire Chief. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He’s disappointed to find no fire at the Smiths’, but they promise that they’ll call him if one occurs. It holds the world record for the cantxtrice that has been staged continuously in the same theatre for the longest time.

By the s, The Bald Soprano had already been recognized as a modern classic and an important seminal work in the Theatre of the Absurd. After entering the room, the Martins canattrice that they have met each other before.

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