: Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything ( ): Ervin Laszlo: Books. Science and the Akashic Field by Ervin Laszlo – Presents the unifying world- concept long sought by scientists, mystics, and sages: an Integral Theory of. Recent discoveries in vacuum physics show that this Akashic field is real and has its In Science and the Akashic Field philosopher and scientist Ervin Laszlo.

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We have found that in order to account for a growing number of things and processes fieeld are undoubtedly real and are likely to be fundamental, a new factor needs to be added to the repertory of laws and concepts of contemporary science.

It’s a conflation of science, pseudo-science, and nonsense. It is important to distinguish between being in equilibrium a state achieved only in death and near equilibrium which requires an organism to be in coherence with the milieu.

This is the understanding that states that matter is not and cannot ever become conscious, rather that consciousness appears in the form of matter if we limit the context enough. Dec 16, Heidi rated it really liked it. He brought an enlightened approach to the treatment of mental illness in his role as Director of the London Insane Asylum.

In years to come people will look back at the amazing foresight of this work. This then makes them appear to be separate entities.

Science and the Akashic Field

While, the reading mechanism of the stored information back into consciousness, he sees as relying on resonance and phase conjugation which can occur between the quantum-ly superimposed wavefunctions quantum entanglement setup by the chemicals in our brain and that of the quantum vacuum of the world around us.

Design and evolution do not exclude each other; indeed they require one another. This takes a bit of science background to understand well, but it is an excellent introduction to the science behind the metaphysical concept that “we are all one. In talking about cosmic consciousness, he refers to Richard Bucke as an American mystic.

This A-field looks more scientific that way somehow ‘contains’ and ‘explains’ the apparently differing physical worlds described in the field of Quantum Mechanics, the electromagnetic field, Newton’s mechanistic view, Einstein’s Relativistic world to name a fewand the various apparently contradictory physical descriptions these provide.


For concerns on copyright infringement please see: Nov 03, Steven Walker rated it liked it. The approaches and arguments around consciousness are based on assumptions and the books builds and builds to conclusions which the evidence is made to fit.

Excellent book that goes some way to finding a theory of everything. But instead of leaving this as a mathematical problem, Laszlo pushes on towards panpsychism. With Science and the Akashic Field he takes another quantum leap forward in our understanding of the universe and ourselves.

Ervin László

Trivia About Science and the A Surprisingly, one connection which is not made here is that with Plato’s theory of the ideas, which it seems to me is yet another case of expressing the same intuitive notions, namely that number mind makes reality and that it proceeds from the abstract to the concrete This book is undoubtedly helpful, and presents a very cogent argument for connecting the modern day holographic view of our experiential reality, deriving from quantum physics and cosmology with the ancient hindu notion of Akasha.

Apr 22, Kirk rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Once restored to awareness of Oneness, duality is seen to be faulty construct and so consciousness without purpose simply disappears. An Integral Theory of Everything posits a field of information as the substance of the cosmos. Return to Book Page. But to me this seems to be saying that one must believe that that these varying descriptions are all really, deep down, interconnected — something I think no scientist would seriously doubt.

Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! Lazlo is a prolific writer on this and many related subjects. Rationale for an In-formation Field The evidence for a field that would conserve and convey information is not direct; it must be reconstructed in reference to more immediately available evidence.

To ask other readers questions about Science and the Akashic Fieldplease sign up. He seems to be large In his groundbreaking book in the philosophy of science, Thomas Kuhn argued that true paradigm change in science usually comes from someone who is either very new to a field or from entirely outside of it.

Ervin László – Wikipedia

Our bodily senses do not register Akasha, but we can reach it through spiritual practice. He is also the recipient of the highest degree in philosophy and human sciences from the Sorbonne, the University of Paris, as well as of the coveted Artist Diploma of the Franz Liszt Academy of Budapest.


This tends much more toward 3. Not since Plato and Democritus has there been such a fieeld in the history of thought! Discussion of the concept of multi-universes This article uses Western name order when mentioning individuals.

It is a field of information. Edit out that and the ideas are very interesting. Apr 21, Tom rated it really liked it Shelves: He therefore ties the Akashic field A-Field to physical existence and the existing notions of the gravitational field, the electromagnetic field and the Higgs field. On a cosmic level entire stars and galaxies vibrate together. And so, just because one experiences the world of space, matter and an external world does not mean that it is true, just part of your experience.

He claims the informational field can explain why the Universe is fine-tuned as to form galaxies and conscious lifeforms; and why ervln is a directed not randomprocess. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The informed universe lends credence to our deepest intuitions of the oneness of life and the whole of creation. In the emerging new cosmology, quanta are taken as basic. From the world of science he confirms our deepest intuitions of the oneness of creation in the Integral Theory of Everything.

At the end of the war [ vague ] he moved to the United States. Oct 15, Joseph Kauffman rated it it was amazing Shelves: Quotes from Science and the A He saw the limited context imposed by the belief in 3-D space etvin time and the apparent separation between things as insufficient in itself to adequately explain the many phenomena in the world appearing around us and saw that our hope was only in transcending this limited context.