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Beyond these criticisms, I will point out that I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in the subject.

: Alan Dershowitz: Books

So why does Dershowitz act as if that is an argument that must be dealt with? The problem is that for each argument Dershowitz tends to respond with the same set of 5 or so responses, which do not always directly answer the anti-israeli point. Plus, he de-bunks many of the myths put forward by the usual agenda-driven propagandists whose bibliographies and references are typically suspiciously skimpy Said, Chomsky, etc.

Aug 15, Jill Hutchinson rated it really liked it Shelves: For example, he notes that 19th Century population statistics are unreliable in order to argue that commonly given statistics for Arab residents of Palestine are grossly inflated, but then cites those same statistics as authoritative in order to make his own inflated claims regarding the Jewish population of the same period.

Just because a few academic Jews are rm to jump into the camp doesn’t give it validity. For instance, while I think there is some value in pointing out the disparity in the amount and intensity of criticism levied against Israel compared to other nations who have dershowtiz far more egregious acts, I thought that the point was overused.


It is one thing to disagree with the cefesa of Israel or Palestine, but that does not mean you should use such derogatory language towards anyone just because you disagree with their opinions.

Thus Dershowitz might agree with some many of Hawking’s criticisms of individual policies; but Dershowitz’s analysis would cast serious doubt on Hawking’s decision to boycott Israel due to its human rights record, while visiting China in Tibet? If tragedy where once again to befall the Jewish peopleor the Jewish nation in which more than 5 million mmake their home.

There is a hint of racism in the most aggressive criticisms of Israel, paradoxically most espoused by prominent American Jews Chomsky, Finklesteinbut mere criticism alone is not anti-Semitic. This book put the Israel-Palestinian conflict into perspective and has helped me not only become more educated on the issue, but also remain educated on it.

Concretely, he suggests comparing Israel’s record to France’s actions during the Algerian War, to Britain’s decisions regarding terrorism in Northern Ireland, and this country’s in the current “War on Terror”.

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Substantively, Dershowitz fills the book with facts for which he provides citations. Is it too much to hope fm if enough of us try to outline the truth, another great and callous injustice against the Jews can be prevented, 60 years after Hitler’s holocaust?

Apparently anticipating reader skepticism on this highly-sensitive subject, Dershowitz defssa everything he writes, directing readers to government, British Mandate, and UN documents, maps, and historical compilations by world-renowned historians.

Feb 02, Brad keil rated it really liked it. The other reason I derehowitz the book is because I believe Dershowitz’s double standard dd is spot on, and easily the highlight of the book.


Of course the author has his biases. Harvard Law School Professor of Law. It is simply nauseating and frightening to realize that the world has come to this. Dershowitz quotes from historical documents For example, I am opposed to the settlements but I would never suggest e Israel enter into a suicide pact.

Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about the historical origins and facts behind the Arab-Israeli conflict. And if you are a person of goodwillI am confident that you will no longer see this complex issue as one sidedly anti-Israel.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. From the beginning, one ought to know to read with caution when Dershowitz readily discounts sources when convenient and then cites them as authoritative at other This is an abysmally bad book and complete waste of paper.

The Case for Israel

It seems to me that criticism of Israel like criticism of the U. After reading this book, this is now my view. Sep 05, William rated it did not like it Shelves: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

What I found most helpful is an appendix where he states what are legitimate disagreements about Israeli policy and what constitutes closet anti-Semitism. One of my favorite quotes in this book, basically sums it all up; “Israel is the Jew among the nations.