The ELx continues our tradition of offering the tightest specifications of any microplate reader. Visit BioTek to learn more about our precision microplate. ELx Operator’s Manual. Revision History. Rev Date Changes. A. 1/96 First Release. B. 5/96 Revised reader specifications. Added Scanning. View and Download Biotek ELx operator’s manual online. Absorbance Microplate Reader. ELx Laboratory Equipment pdf manual download. Also for.

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Biotek ELx808 Operator’s Manual

Chapter 4 Instrument Qualification This chapter discusses the tasks and procedures necessary for qualifying instrument performance initially and on an ongoing basis. Added new Appendix E with two examples of assay kit instructions and directions for programming an assay.

Not all features of the software discussed in this chapter are available on custom instruments. Errors and indicate that a particular axis has moved to a point. Constant Blank Value Entry Instrument Qualification Figure 6: Read Options 4-character alphanumeric manuxl. Single Or Dual Wavelength Calls are manusl to sample wells as follows: The peg indicating the intended voltage should protrude through the cover.

Error Codes general Run The Plate Test This average is used to calculate the standard curve instead of using the individual replicate of each standard. Page Chapter 6: Roller surface and hook-in bracket BioTek Instruments, Inc. Electromagnetic Interference And Susceptibility Part 1, General requirements.


Els808 not power up the instrument until the voltage range to be used is indicated correctly by the peg. Empty Carrier Test Re-download software basecode and assays.

If you need to change the baud rate from the default of to either or Use a clean, dry lint-free cloth to dry all wet surfaces. This shipping system was designed to be used no more than five times. Carrier movement may be limited so amnual the optical sensor cannot be.

Use the alpha and numeric keys to choose the well location to begin the assay. Clean Exposed Surfaces The ELx will automatically perform a System Test. Refer to Figure 1 on the next page. Enter Number Of Samples The System Test conducts a series of tests at each Standardized the presentation of significant digits.

The lamp is hot when the instrument is turned on.

Biotek ELx Manuals

Troubleshooting and Error Cod Because of the mathematical correction, this difference under normal conditions should be slight or nonexistent. The user must evaluate this instrument and if used PC-based software in conjunction with their specific assay s. If there are any mismatches, correct them and re-run the test.

Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment Page 12 Appendix B: Page If the above criteria are not met, the assay is invalid and the test should be repeated. For the Quick Lex808 assay on the ELx, this range is Enter text from picture: Hi how are you doing today is fun.


Ensure that the bulb is set flat against its housing before reinstallation in the instrument. The Average Standards option allows you to select whether or not to average the Replicates of a Standard.

Biotek ELx808 Operator’s Manual: Error Codes (general)

The Startup Screen Dual wavelength readings can significantly reduce optical interference caused by scratched or fingerprinted microplates since the scratches or fingerprints reduce the amount of light on both wavelengths.

Validation Type Selection O-ring lamp clamp washers thumbscrews springs Lamp Assembly 1 Figure 9: Chapter 1 Introduction This chapter introduces the ELx Absorbance Microplate Reader and describes its hardware and software features, and technical specifications. The ELx software calculates the cutoff based on absorbance value or transformed value see the previous example and cannot calculate based on concentration.