Eemax EMT6 – EMT6 Mini Tank Water Heater V, 6 Gallon – FEATURES EMT6 must be hardwired Point-of-use heating eliminates long hot water pipe runs. Electric Mini Tank Water Heaters EMT1 – EMT – EMT4 – EMT6 Installation and Operating Instruction Manual Table of Contents Important Safety Instructions. Get Eemax EMT6 Instructions / Assembly. Get all Eemax manuals!.

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There should be no smoking or open flame near the faucet at this time. Power is automatically turned off to the heating element. Stiebel Eltron Mini 1. However, if Owner cannot document the original date of purchase with the original sales receipt, then the limited warranty period begins on the date the Eemax Mini Tank Water Heater was eenax.

Hydrogen gas can be produced in a hot water system served by this heater that has not been used for a long period of time generally 2 weeks or more. Adhere to all demax State and local codes. Refill tank with water before turning on the power to the water heater.

Remove six screws retaining the bottom panel of the water heater and remove the panel. Estimated lead times do not include weekends or holidays. The water heater experiences any water pressure or flow interruptions, normal inlet water pressure is outside of the eemax specification for the heater; emy6 exposed to any condition that causes the heater to turn on before the air is purged from the heater also know as dry fire; or f.


Eemax EMT6 Electric Mini Tank Water Heater – 6.0 gallon 120V, Hardwired

Turn the temperature knob counter clockwise to a lower temperature setting. The element can be descaled chemically or manually. Disconnect the water heater from both the hot and cold water connections.

Do not attempt to reset the high limit switch without first allowing the water heater to eejax down the high temperature water inside the heater.

EemaX EMT6 Manuals

Water is too hot 1. Confirm your water piping orientation hot and cold before wall mounting.

If air remains in the tank, the element will be damaged when the electric cord is plugged in. Product ExpertMarch 04, The red indicator lamp remains illuminated while the water is being heated. EMT models can also be plumbed in series with the central water heater and act as a booster. When the water heater is not being used for an extended period of time and there is a risk of freezing, either unplug and drain the water heater OR turn the thermostat knob to the snowflake position to guard against freezing.

Tarp, White – TW. Never plug the outlet of the relief valve. Must terminate at an adequate drain. Also known as the temperature high limit, this device has been factory installed to interrupt the power supply in the event of a thermostat failure.

Tankless Water Heater Solutions for You | Eemax

All state and local codes must be adhered to. Install a shut off valve on the cold water side emr6 the water heater. If the supplied electrical power cord is either damaged or not long enough, do NOT use an extension cord. Your manual failed to upload Water does not get hot 1. To descale chemically, soak the heating element in white vinegar or other descaling solution and then rinse well with fresh water.


As with any appliance, close supervision is necessary when used by children.

Check local and state building codes prior to installation. Before calling for service, first confirm that the water heater is properly filled and that VAC power has not been interrupted.

Failure to provide dielectric insulation may result in premature tank or nipple failure and may void your warranty. The temperature adjusting knob will increase the temperature by turning the knob clockwise and decrease the water temperature by turning the knob counter clockwise.

Check entire system for leaks.

The expansion tank must have a minimum capacity of 1. Electric Mini T ank W ater Heaters. Install a PSI pressure relief valve in the cold water supply line.

Eemax 6 Gal. Mini Tank Water Heater vac EMT6 | eBay

Run the hot water at a nearby sink and evaluate the hot water temperature. Depress the small red button in the center of the junction box, replace the bottom panel and place the water heater back into service. If no receptacle is available adjacent to the water heater, contact a qualified electrician to have one properly installed.