As a financial journalist for several prominent papers, author, Garet Garrett ( ) knew Wall Street well and wrote a series of novels. The Driver [Garet Garrett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before This book may have. The Driver [Garet Garrett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What are the motives that really control Henry M. Gait, central figure in one of.

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Garrwtt many years, he exhibited his talents as a political commentator and essayist at the Saturday Evening Post. A speculator turned tycoon named Henry M. Galt, a Wall Street speculator who has an intense interest in the Great Midwestern. Garet Garrett, author of The People’s Pottagetells the story of an upstart Wall Street speculator financier, Henry Galt, a shadowy figure who stays out of the limelight as much as possible until he unleashes a plan that had been years in the marking: He’s a stock market speculator who seems remarkably prescient but who has a history of market failures.

Nouveau artists and Hollywood stars who feel entitled to lead through the sheer brazenness of their banality — juxtaposed as it always is against ignorance masquerading as outrage; condescension as thought; opinion as understanding. Industrialists, journalists and elected leaders tarrett were also novelists, poets; artists — the last a calling card that served to legitimize, not invalidate their authority.

A colossal contest it was, gatet minds of noble garreyt wrestling with each other over the soul of the greatest nation on earth.

Although Valentine is appointed as receiver, Galt intelligently and diligently studies records, data, and statistics to develop a strategic plan of reorganization to save and rebuild the Great Midwestern. Jul 22, Brent rated it liked it. However I don’t think the stories are close enough to merit any accusations of plagiarism on Rand’s part. garreett

The nameless first-person narrator of The Driver is a reporter for an undisclosed newspaper who follows Coxey’s Army to Washington, D. It is through the eyes of this reporter-narrator that readers understand the career, struggles, and evolution of a little-known Wall Street speculator and risk-taker to king of Wall Street and to a potential economic dictator of the United States.


Garrett tells that story like a master of the craft.

National Affairs: The Story of Harriman THE DRIVER-Garet Garrett- Dutton. – TIME

Ayn “Intellectual Property” Rand totally ripped off some ideas even sentences from this drivrr. The tone and writing style is direct and matter-of-fact, tell don’t show. Garet Garrett captured the fabulous spirit of commerce beautifully in his novels. The Driver is political and free-market capitalism historical fiction book. But his successes breed trouble.

The Driver

They were not afraid of their talent, those confident men of old. Galt, ends up taking over the railroad when the stock is down, and turns the company around.

His health deteriorates and he becomes bed-ridden. The problem was that gold remained more valuable to people prompting them to hoard gqret or to sell it in Europe. Excellent book of the American Dream.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Andrzej rated it really liked it Mar 01, We appreciate your support of the preservation process, and thank you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant.

Through his intelligence, hard work, and determination, he was able to take a failing company and revitalize it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In addition, the book is laced with very quotable material on ec a great read underpinned by great principles My son, knowing of my fondness for The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, gave me this book for Christmas. I at one point early in the book, not realizing it was written inassumed the events were set in the Great Depression, as the similarities to that era and to our recent “Great Recession” were so glaring.

Wow, what an amazing book. He was then asked about the disgruntled minority shareholders of the Orient and Pacific who were upset with the Great Midwestern for exercising the power of a majority shareholder. For example, inpopulists pressured Congress to enact a bi-metallic system of money by declaring that gold and silver are equal in dollar value and that gold and silver dollars be interchangeable.


Ad Publishing, a small publishing company based in Denmark, has just published a completely new version of The Driver. A heroic figure of daring risks who, through his exceptional motive capacity, not only saves a railroad system — but also the stuttering motor of the national economy.


It is interesting to note that the character of Henry M. History also shows that there are always people who see reality for what it is and make big bets, as opposed to accepting the reality that media suggests.

What is great about this is how it explicitly shows that government regulation is fascistic as it is usually the competitors usning the club of the state to cripple the most cutting edge company.

The narrator ends up working as a secretary for a railroad.

National Affairs: The Story of Harriman THE DRIVER-Garet Garrett- Dutton.

During this period, industrialization and a wave of immigrants altered the fabric of American life which garrtt increasingly urban, industrial, and specialized. Carefully calculating his every action, Galt continually persisted to improve the railroad.

Not only drivsr The Driver a novel of high finance and Wall Street methods, it also paints a portrait of an efficacious and visionary man who uses reason to focus his enthusiasm on reality in his efforts to attain his goals. I could not help but compare the bet of Henry Galt on the country and the great mid western company, when all other rail road are going to hell, to the bet that Warren Buffett made on America and Burlington Railroad couple of years ago.

The Driver by Garet Garrett. Ludwig von Mises Institute. Open Preview See a Problem? Unlike many other businessmen, Galt did not begin by asking how his company can be made to earn a certain rate of profit.