Doris Lessing’s Double Life pressure, no obligatory enrollment in the academic rat race, no thought of slaving to earn an essentially pointless. 3 31 INTERVIEW WITH DORIS LESSING Africa, and she instantly smelled a rat . When she .. Or, “Fan as I am of Doris Lessing, I will never read another novel. Doris Lessing and R. D. Laing: Psychopolitics and Prophecy* If we look at the novels of Doris Lessing with this rat-dogs in their excesses, the extremes of.

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There’s a problem loading leseing menu right now. The beauty of the book is Lessing’s wonderful imaginative capturing of real life as it could be.

Picked this up on a whim from a used bookstore, and it turned out to be a hidden gem. In a beleaguered city where rats and roving gangs terrorize the streets, where government has broken down and meaningless violence holds sway, a woman — middle-aged and middle-class — is brought a twelve-year-old girl and told that it is her responsibility to raise the child.

Y offer their medical attention—though Charles insists Dr. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Published by Flamingo first dats Lists with This Book.

Apr 12, Pages Buy. As this winter endures there is a bad state of affairs in the words in this book as in this review, with me. I was also reminded of those superb short stories by J. The narrator seems to exist half in the past, half in the present, half in an imaginary world, half in the real world. When I tell others that I am reading Doris Lessing, most people give me a blank stare.

Briefing for a Descent Into Hell: Doris Lessing: : Books

Like the falling lessinb of society it was told very realisticly, how a 12 year old girl was able to adapt in her new society and spend her teenage years while things fell apart, but I did find at times it got a bit dull, perhaps because it was so ordinary and believable. I am ridiculously stalled out on this Thanks for telling us about the problem.


This book, which the author has called “an attempt at autobiography,” is that woman’s journal — a glimpse of a future only slightly more horrendous than our present, and of the forces that alone can save us from total destruction.

As a reader I am left, shocked, confused, scared, but glad to have gone through the journey. Stay in Touch Sign up. The ending is peculiar. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. This book was everywhere, in everything, moved in my blood, my mind. Some of the words neatly set out on the pages, but tedious and dull.

It’s really more about the characters assessing values though – both in the moral sense of what it means to be a decent human and in the practical sense of what an individual’s actual value is to a complex and troubled society.

Get to Know Us. People move increasingly to barter economy and theft; to intentional communities and roving gangs. I still might have decided I liked it if the ending had been different, but the ending was just an abrupt, unexplained deus ex machina.

The premise of collapse of infrastructure, of the disintegration of modern comforts: The Memoirs of a Survivor. Either they have never heard of her, or they have. Perceived towards the end of the novel as a “yellow stain” on the wallpaper, this opening up read to me as an homage to Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Frightening because it seems so starkly possible, so relevent to the zeitgeist. I even thought of just deleting it from my book list – that’s how I don’t like it.


MI5 spied on novelist Doris Lessing for decades, files disclose

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Actually, it was slow-going the entire time.

Read it Forward Read it first. We explore ‘It’ the danger that it is out there, and ‘it’ is presented as the new norm, one without language proficiency, basic necessities, and a barrel full of resourcefulness. Compare, for example, Huckleberry Finn, which, granted, is full of unexamined assumptions and lots else to make modern readers queasy—but that’s what makes it a great book, and a genuine, real, compassionate attempt, failed or not, to grapple with the author’s own role at the top of a power structure.

But at the same time there are strands so recognisably British that the vision really seems a lot closer to home. In she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. This is accomplished very delicately and artfully, however.

But, I’m getting carried away.

Doris Lessing warns of ‘inanities’ of internet

Deal with it, Doris! While I admired the writing and the sharp observations of drois nature — falling in love, leadership, traditions, many, many things were perceptively described — the book left me unsatisfied and a bit underwhelmed. We do know she has the ability to see Emily’s past as well as diverse, mostly unpeopled scenes of either utopian beauty or disorder and decay.

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