Fax a coupon application to. DTV-4ME2 (). How do I request a coupon?. diesel-pump-calibration-pdf difference-between-partnership-and-company-pdf docs-coupon-program-app-en-pdf dodge-manual-pdf-repair. application to: PO BOX , Portland, OR Download a Coupon Application from

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The head of the FCC hopes Washington lawmakers will give the program more money. In six weeks television’s signal will turn digital, which means people who use an antenna or rabbit ears need a converter box. Consumers will receive a list of nearby retailers with their coupons or can search online at https: Any analog television set that relies on an antenna, or “rabbit ears,” to receive programming will likely need a digital-to-analog converter box to receive and display digital signals.

Order a converter box over the phone. Contact Site Map Privacy Policy. Do I Need a Converter Box? The digital television transition will also bring benefits to television viewers. Applications must include a home address – forms that use a post office box as the address will be rejected. Click Here to access the online Public Inspection File.

Before requesting your TV converter box coupons from the NTIA consider whether your household will need one coupon or two.


Here’s the information you’ll need:. A low power station will usually have a —CA or —LP at the end of its call sign, although sometimes the call letters are in the same format as for a translator station.

About 21 coupon_program_ap;_en American households that do not have cable, satellite or fiber-optic TV service will be affected. The digital television transition will bring great benefits to our nation. A list of those boxes is available online at https: So, when television goes digital on February 17th she’ll need a converter box to see the signal. Many retailers are allowing customers to use a TV converter box coupon to purchase a converter box over the phone. Check on the status of your coupon here you will need the reference number or your address: But a federal program to help people buy those boxes has short circuited.


Order a converter box online. Here’s the information you’ll need: Apply online at https: A list of retailers selling converter boxes by phone and their phone numbers can be found here: What are the Benefits of Digital Television? Gina Strickland gina wtvy. You may have already read about or seen public service announcements regarding the impending change from traditional analog television broadcasting to digital television broadcasting, scheduled to occur on February 17, at midnight.

But millions more are on a waiting list, waiting for funding to become available. While many Members of Congress would have preferred that more funding be set aside for the TV Converter Box Coupon Program, the DTV transition is now just seven months away, and it is important that consumers who need them take advantage of the coupons that are available.

Some retailers will charge a shipping fee. An article in yesterday’s editions about the transition from analog to digital TV broadcasts in inadvertently omitted a box containing information about obtaining government coupons to help pay for converter boxes. Some of the channels currently used by analog television stations will be freed up for commercial advanced wireless services. Click Here to access the online Public Inspection File Viewers with disabilities can get assistance accessing this station’s FCC Public Inspection File by contacting the station with the information listed below.


Despite settlement, wrongful termination case of former Dothan officer headed back to court. Download a Coupon Application at www.

If you initially request two coupons and both of them expire, you will not be able to coupon_program_aop_en any additional coupons. Like millions of Americans Kristine Higbee doesn’t have cable or satellite TV and relies on an antenna. BoxPortland, Ore. Print out the form linked below, fill it out and send it to: Why is the Digital Television Transition Occurring? So far about 18 million coupons have been used to buy the boxes. It is a good idea to call the retailer before visiting the store to ensure that it has converter boxes in stock.

Box Portland, OR Application for converter box coupon: If all of your television sets coupon_program_app_fn connected to cable or satellite service, then you should not need to do anything coupon_lrogram_app_en prepare for the transition.

Most Americans will not be affected by the transition.

DTV Converter Box Coupon Program Out of Money

coupon_program_app_e But analog television sets that rely on an antenna, or “rabbit ears,” to receive television programming will likely need a digital-to-analog converter box to receive and display digital signals. If any of your analog television sets rely upon rabbit ears or a rooftop antenna, then you will need a converter box for those sets.

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