View and Download DIGITECH GNX3 user manual online. GENETX GUITAR WORKSTATION. GNX3 Music Pedal pdf manual download. Digitech GNX3 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech GNX3 User Manual. GNX3 Manual Master – Read more about parameter, track, recording, recorder, knob and display.

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Your choices include 1through 16,AL all ,and of off. Each parameter assignedto the Expression Pedal can have specific ranges of how much the parameter is controlled by using theminimum and maximum controls. Pressing Footswitches 3 and 4 simultaneouslyactivates the Learn-A-Lick feature. For instance,you can assign PitchShift amount and have your guitar shift from a fifthabove when the Control footswitch is pressed and return to normal pitch when it is released.

Warning For your protection, please read the following: After selecting the type of effect in this module,the Parameter knobs can then be used to adjust theindividual parameters associated with the selected effect. To Change Digital Output Configuration Ranges from 1 strong signals to 99 weak signals.

GNX3 Manual original digitech gnx3说明书_音乐攻略_音乐知识_音乐信息_百度攻略

Ranges from 24 semitones below to 24 semitones above. You are now ready to begin recording a loop. Vibrato Effects and Parameters An Auto Panner modulates the sound from left to right at an even rate. Once the mic input gain digitechh set properly,you need to select one of the mic input configurations in therecorder Setup utility.

  EN 15048-1 PDF

Recorder Modeand change playback speed Learn-A-Lick.

GNX3 Manual original digitech gnx3说明书

It is not compatible with these inputs. Setting Each Track’s Pan The result is a doubling type of effect as if two guitarswere playing the same part together. See page 66 for maanual V-Switch Sensitivityadjustment procedure. Once recording is completed,press the STOPfootswitch.

The number gnx songs that can be in memory is dependent on the total amount of record time. The red numeric display shows the notebeing played,and the green alpha-numeric display indicates whether the note is sharp or flat.

Until the PLAY footswitch is pressed,only track 1 will be available to record on. Adjust The Noise Gate A Noise Gatecan also be used to create an automatic swell in volume.

This type offunction is useful when you want to use it for turning effects like the Compressor or Whammy on andoff. To begin recording a track using the FS footswitches,follow these steps: Select An Analog Output Mode Pressing the Status button at the top of the first column turns the effect digiyech on and off.


Rotate the Parameter 1 knob until manua, Parameter is displayed.

See page 17 for more information on thestoring. All tracks that are armed for playback begin playing,and the TRACK buttonarmed for recording continues flashing red. The far left character of the Bank name begins to blink. It is not compatible with these inputs. Parameter 3- The Parameter 4 knob adjusts the amount of effected signal returned to the input of. Ranges from 0 to Delay records a portion of the incoming signal,and plays it back a short time later.

It is your safeguard in the unlikely event that the GNX3develops a problem. See page 65 for more Speed Parameter 1 – The Parameter 2 knob adjusts the rate at which the signal pans from side to side. The remainder of the name is not recognized but digtiech provided for the purpose of identifying song and track names in your file system.

Ranges from 0 all dry to 99 all wet. As you speak into the microphone, your instrument mimics what you say.