I’ve been doing Cold Fusion, PHP and ASP work when I was also doing Delphi work, and found it strange I was writing server-side script that would get parsed. TMS Components for IntraWeb allows rich design-time editing of webpages from the Delphi IDE directly on IntraWeb forms. IntraWeb and the TMS Components. Intraweb Bootstrap 3 Framework for Delphi. Contribute to kattunga/ IWBootstrapFramework development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Also some components at RealThinClient that are geared towards web development with Delphi: In the previous listing, notice that the linked URL is activated via JavaScript, not with a direct link. I’ve built an example called IWTree showcasing the menu and tree view components of IntraWeb but also featuring nitraweb creation of a component at run time.

It should be clear even from this simple example that Page mode does less for you than Application mode, but it’s more flexible. Vector Care to explain why is that not desirable?

Components of the Rave Designer. The last page displayed is on the top of the stack and is displayed in the browser. When you click delphj button, the program increases several counters one global and two session-specific and shows their values in labels:. There are a number of important differences that you must keep in intrwweb, however.

A Dialog Box in a Component. What do you think about this topic? The menu has two submenus, which are slightly more complex. At the same time, the menu items allow the program to operate on the menu by expanding or collapsing nodes and changing the font. Extending the Delphi Library. This question appears to be off-topic. ListView and TreeView Controls.


Using IntraWeb (VCL for the Web)

The second submenu, Tree Contents, shows a list of the first tree nodes of the main level along with the number of direct subnodes. For example, if you set the Required property for a component, if the field is empty the data won’t be submitted, and you’ll see a JavaScript error message customizable by setting the descriptive FriendlyName property.

The Fields of a Dataset.

Here is the code for a couple of event handlers:. Building Your First Component.

The Files Produced dlephi the System. This variable can be used outside of a form or control which are natively session-basedwhich is why it is primarily used inside data modules, global routines, and non-IntraWeb classes.

The two parameters are the classes of the main form and of the IntraWeb controller, which handle sessions and other features as you’ll see in a while. As you can see in Figure A Directory in a Dataset. In the IDE you design and code using Delphi language and components. IntraWeb provides predefined session management and simplifies the way you work with sessions. Here is the code for a couple of event handlers: The Delhi Programming Language.

Second, I’ve added an IWURL component to the third column, but you could add any other component including buttons and edit boxes to the grid.


Building IntraWeb Applications

To increase your control over session data intraewb let multiple forms share it, you can customize the TUserSession class that the IntraWeb Application Wizard places in the ServerController unit. This intrawb will also serve as an excuse to delve into some of the source code automatically generated by the IntraWeb application wizard. What About Currency Conversions? You have a strange interpretation of the WebServer concept.


LachlanG 3, 1 16 Now that you have seen how to create an IntraWeb application with two forms, let’s briefly examine how IntraWeb creates the main form. Programming with the DOM. Adding Features to the Client.

IntraWeb | Atozed Software

You can also hide the secondary form and then display it again, to avoid re-creating it each time particularly if doing so implies losing the user’s editing operations. As you’ll see, even in this case, IntraWeb development resembles standard Delphi or Kylix development, and is different than most other Internet development libraries.

This component hooks to a WebBroker action like any other page producer component and has a special event you can use to create and return delhpi IntraWeb form: Notice that the program uses Windows’ InterlockedIncrement call to avoid concurrent access to the global shared variable by multiple threads. Customizing the DBGrid Component. Vector Ah, gotcha, thanks for taking the time to right up a reply.

IntraWeb is a powerful tool for developing Web server applications all by itself. Moreover, the status of the components in a page is not automatically updated by writing event handlers, as in a standard IntraWeb program.

When the timer interval expires, code is executed. How to Reach the Author. Copyright C Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. Odd as imtraweb sounds, in an IntraWeb application, timers work almost the same as in Windows. From Events to Threads.

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