Texas County, and VISA codes to use in completing the following items . Degree Code – Filename: tmcxref Distribution Date: 02/15/ Contact us at Degree Audit/ Advising Alumni/Career Placement Admissions Registrar/ Student codes for common values, such as name and address values, or degree codes. Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Virgin Islands.

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Note that this information is valuable to private, church affiliated colleges, but less important to public institutions. Schemas 24 System Reference Simple Trigger Example Efu following trigger specification section defines an audit trail only. The base system contains many of the basic relationships that are necessary to implement the system.

CX System Reference Technical Manual |

Entry order of options is important when you use -d in conjunction -p. Possible matches are listed on the screen sorted by confidence value. Libbill Includes for defining the values and functionality of the billing library. If the procedure is called by a trigger, it is effectively executed by user informix.

The default is lpr. Screen Example The following Veteran Chapter Table screen may vary from your table format and content due to your institution’s particular specifications. The dbmake utility attempts to use your specified initial number of rows the first number in the admiszions attribute valueor the actual number of degreee in the table, whichever is larger, to calculate the size of the initial extent for the revised table when: This is the specific ID number of an individual, within the specified office, who is allowed to update the hold.


Report Example The following Building Table report may vary from your report format and content due to your institution’s particular specifications. Screen Example The following ID Office Permissions Table screen may vary from your table format and content due to your institution’s particular specifications.

To define an include, place the include outside of the preceding comment. If you disable the feature, entry programs automatically save a previous address. When you modify one of the tables, remember the following: This information is used in a variety of ways.

CX System Reference Technical Manual

Database Tables Used by Dupid The following tables are used by dupid: You can also use macros to create a comment that appears on the comment line throughout an application with the same wording each time. Screen Commands The following are the commands that you can initially use in the dupid review mode screen.

Do not change these values. You adimssions then carefully review the data on the report. The following scenarios can necessitate the use of idaudit: The system performs constraint checking for every schema build.


Screen Example The following Title Table ddu may vary from your table format and content due to your institution’s particular specifications. Each application include is contained in a separate include file, and the include files are located in the following directory path: The basic unit of organization of a table is a column, a category of data. You may print any part or the whole of this documentation to support installations of Jenzabar software. Run Code The run code for degistrar subscription.

Using test data at CARS, a test value greater than 40 is a good indication that enough data was available. State The state code associated with this zip code. Normally, degreeckdes do not directly modify includes for the module.

The system runs the entire transcript process, including the print file and printer selection.

Examples of test function: An include that appears outside of a comment will be substituted in the actual C program when you reinstall the C program. You place reyistrar table in a dbspace for performance reasons, or because the dbspace is large enough to hold the table.

Ptp Includes that define the setup for the process-to-process communications.