Title: Cox and Giuli’s Principles of Stellar Structure. Authors: Weiss, A.; Hillebrandt, W.; Thomas, H.-C.; Ritter, H. Affiliation: AA(Max-Planck-Institut für Astropysik. Principles of Stellar Structure: Applications to stars. Front Cover. John P. Cox, R. Thomas Giuli. Gordon and Breach, – Science – pages. Cox and Giuli’s Principles of Stellar Structure, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The hydrodynamic equations for the large-amplitude, adiabatic pulsations of a spherically symmetric, inhomogeneous star are solved by a method of approximation in which the form of the fluid velocity is specified a priori.

The assumed velocity is a nonlinear function of the radius and contains two arbitrary functions of time.

These two functions are determined by a pair of second-order, quasi-linear, ordinary differential equations, and an analytic, periodic solution to these equations is constructed. This solution corresponds to large amplitude, anharmonic, nonlinear pulsations of a star in which the fluid velocity is a travelling wave.


A specific inhomogeneous star is studied to demonstrate the feasibility of numerically solving the pair of differential equations and of constructing the periodic solution. References [Enhancements Steellar Off] What’s this?

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