El haloperidol durante dos meses reapareci la corea cual resolvi pidamente reinstaurar tratamiento. Request PDF on ResearchGate Chor de Sydenham chez . Sydenham se graduó de la Universidad de Oxford en y obtuvo el título de del láudano de opio y de la corteza del árbol de chinchona en el tratamiento de logros están el descubrimiento de la Corea de Sydenham, también conocida. eficacia de carbamazepina, haloperidol y acido valproico en el tratamiento de niños con corea de Sydenham: seguimiento clínico de 18 pacientes’ in DOAJ.

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All symptomatic treatment of chorea in SC is based on the off-label use of medications in small case series or comparison studies, none of which are placebo controlled.

Clinical, laboratory, psychiatric and magnetic resonance findings in patients with Traramiento chorea. Neuroimaging revealed no abnormalities. This test defines antibodies to five streptococcal exo-enzymes, including streptolysine-O, and its titers remain elevated for several weeks. Many reports confirm the efficacy of HP, CBZ and VPA in uncontrolled studiesand only a few controlled investigations compare the efficacy and side effects of currently used medications.

For example, several studies noted above described treatment-limiting side effects with the use of haloperidol.

Treatment of Sydenham’s Chorea: A Review of the Current Evidence

Chorea usually develops 4—8 weeks after a group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal GABHS pharyngitis; this is later than other manifestations of rheumatic fever, such as carditis or arthritis, which usually develop 2—3 weeks after infection.

The type of treatment was decided randomly according to the order of admission to the hospital. Follow-up ranged from 10 months to 3 years. A search of PubMed, Embase, Psychinfo, sydebham clinicaltrials.


Fourteen patients were excluded sydenhaam the trial because they failed to meet the required selection corfa. An impressive list of therapeutic options has been used to treat this disorder: Conversely, we found significant alterations in serologic tests, especially the ASO test that was elevated in Authors that have used VPA or sodium valproate in SC reported similar results as those obtained with HP, with less adverse effects, notwithstandingly 5,11, From a total of 2, identified references including duplicates71 articles were selected for further review, 44 being directly related to treatment.

Mimicry and autoantibody-mediated neuronal cell signaling in Syeenham chorea. In terms of other antiepileptic medications, levetiracetam has been mentioned as an attractive option because of its favorable side effect profile. Only three of the patients that received haloperidol improved.

To date, however, despite its prescription in other choreiform disorders, there is only a single case report of its successful use in SC. J Trop Pediatr ; Oral pharmacotherapy of tratxmiento movement disorders. Neuroimaging is usually unremarkable Resurgence of acute rheumatic fever in the inter-mountain area of the United States. In the 4 cases that did not show clinical improvement after one week of treatment, therapy with valproic acid led to disappearance of the symptoms in a lapse that ranged from 4 to 7 days.


Of note, time to response was not reported in this patient. An Esp Pediatr ; Phenobarbital is rarely used today because of sedation and other side effects, but it has been reported to be effective in at least 13 SC cases.

Based on a review of the available literature, chorea often improves with symptomatic therapy and immunotherapy tends to be reserved for those who fail to respond. The goal of this corra was to critically analyze the available literature on the treatment of chorea in individuals with SC.


Steroids are beneficial; however, tratzmiento using IVIG and plasmapheresis are very limited.

In rare instances the associated hypotonia can be so profound as to be completely disabling, a variant known as chorea paralytica or chorea mollis. The list of suggested symptomatic therapies is broad and contains the off-label use of anticonvulsants valproate, carbamazepine and neuroleptics pimozide, haloperidol, risperidone, olanzapine.

Treatment of Sydenham’s Chorea: A Review of the Current Evidence

Data from these studies were incorporated into our total number, recognizing that negative case reports usually go unpublished and the deficiency of placebo-controlled trials. J Exp Med ; Successful treatment of rheumatic chorea with carbamazepine. How to cite this article.

Levetiracetam Efficacy in a Child. In eight out of 16 recurrences, there were modest elevations in levels antistreptolysin O ASO 50— Todd units, median ; antiDNaseB —, median Examples of tragic cases in the past are Ernest Hemingway, whose corea de sydenham fisiopatologia also suffered five suicides including Hemingway himselfand Eugene ONeill with three suicides in his family.

Title, Consideraciones sobre corea de Sydenham y su tratamiento. Three of the six patients treated with HP showed improvement following 5 days of treatment, two of these had treatment related side effects: In Ferrieri P ed.

Other treatments A single case report suggested improvement of symptoms in syydenham patients with SC because of trafamiento administration of vitamin E 50 IU administered daily for 2 weeks.