Leituras de BD/ Reading Comics: Um Contrato com Deus. will eisner art | Le Neuvième Art, Le Spirit fait une pause Will Eisner ex. More information. Um contrato com Deus – WILL EISNER. 3 likes. Book. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site.

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The art is wonderful, the story is intriguing, the writing and pacing is masterful. For example, in many cases an entire page is set out as a panel.

A Contract With God and Other Tenement Stories

The Eisners are presented annually before a packed ballroom at San Diego Comic-Con, America’s largest comics convention. Jun 26, Jill rated it liked it Recommends it for: They are then seemingly resigned to a lifetime of further drudgery, as they stay at home to take care of kids, the household, and endless chores, while having to make ends meet on the few dollars the husband brings home.

Nov 08, Christopher rated it it was amazing Shelves: Julia Gordon-Bramer This is not a book to aid in the Christian perspective. The overall effect is one of teeming, sick, humanity, probably as a result of not earning enough to escape tenement life, eisjer having to live on top of each other in railroad apartments, with very few amenities such as adequate heat, no air conditioning, no laundry room, etc.

A Contract With God

It tackles those subjects that stuff like “The Wire” still tries and fails to capture today – those sinews that bind each life together, and ultimately keep them bound if Considered to be the first graphic novel, this tells the story – in 4 parts – of New York circa the Great Depression.

The book is wonderfully drawn – obviously, Mr. I’m actually rather happy that I did. I was picking up anything that looked remotely interesting given that I am not dejs man of many books and somehow this book made the list of 30 books that one is allowed to rob. There is also sucide and animal death.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There are few likable characters, and most characters’ flaws and contradictions are painfully exposed – usually leading to some comeuppance or hubris denouement. The textbooks that he wrote were based on his course and are still bestsellers.

Quando il protagonista Frimme Hersh, un ebreo devoto, patisce un lutto devastante, deve trovare una risposta alla domanda: I’m sure I’d read the story “Super” in another collection by Eisner previously since it seemed very familiar. Among other things, I appreciated the use of space: Some appear to be caricatures of evil qualities, such as the gold-digging girls attracted to any man who seems to have money, the man of modest means who tries to pass himself off as a rich man to attract a rich girl.

Since these are memories from decades back, he resorts to caricature to illustrate the characters as his memory regarding their exact features are hazy. It conveys the author’s impression of life in a Bronx tenement, essentially, what he escaped in making a success of himself as a professional graphic artist and writer.

The other stories tend to be on that line of rape and sexual power that make you feel a bit icky. Others doubt their entire life.

Outras poderiam ser verdadeiras. It didn’t feel remotely out of date.

Real life is messy, and cruel, and mean, and ugly. I found many of the plot lines very unse A Contract with God by Will Eisner is a master class in comics. There was nothing stilted in the language, nothing clunky in the design, nothing old-fashioned in the pictures.

But believers do expect something of their faith. Anche se, purtroppo, letto oggi risente dei quarant’anni passati. This was followed by almost 20 additional graphic comtrato over the following 25 years.

A Contract With God and Other Tenement Stories by Will Eisner

No matter how you slice it, this is a good, quick read, where every character exists in that gray area between good and evil called modern urban living. It’s feus a very pleasant read since most of these stories are about human suffering and misery, but there’s no artificial melodrama — the stories feel authentic, and the emotions are very real.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. It may be unnecessary to say anything nice about this book, given the praise heaped on it over the decades. Uma diva perdida, afastada de fenecidas luzes da ribalta, encontra na voz de um cantor de rua uma possibilidade de regressar aos palcos.

Un fumetto dove per la prima volta non ci sono eroi in calzamaglia, ma persone comuni che vivono, pregano, sognano, soffrono 3.

Yet, the stories are extremely powerful. The preface sets the tone for the book, and you know the stories are real, the people are too.

A Contract with God – Wikidata

I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? In the book, an orthodox jew loses his faith after his daughter dies. I had not heard of Will Eisner before and it was only in the Preface of this book did I realize that this book is considered albeit controversially one of the precursors of the modern graphic novel if there I picked this book on my first visit to a public library, when I wiill robbed their entire graphic novels section. Nov 26, Karen rated it liked it.

Co, read this for a course I’m taking at the local library in July about Jewish literature, identity and imagination – the course is being taught solely eiener graphic novels. All the same, it came together to create a chilling and fairly accurate view of life in that time frame.