R&S®CMU Universal Radio Communication Tester For more general information about the R&S®CMU, refer to the product . in manual mode. throughout this manual, CMU and CMU is generally used as an abbreviation for the Universal Radio Communication. Testers R&S CMU and R&S. note that not all GSM options described in this manual are supported. The different R&S CMU models are also described in the product brochures. The high.

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Otherwise, future errors cannot be excluded.

How could you ever be disappointed with a rohde-schwarz. The CMU is discussed often in the eevblog forum. External attenuation If an external gain or attenuation is used and reported to the instrument see softkey Ext. While the reset is performed, the message Reset in progress is mznual.

The only exception is the power measurement with a wide-band filter see Bandwidth softkey below, setting WIDE where the analyzer level range is not restricted by Max. Remote Control — Time The Time table section sets the current time and its display format: When switching over to another output, the current value of RF Level is automatically adapted, if required: It is organized as follows: Compared to previous versions, this new firmware provides numerous extensions and improvements.


Generator Settings The layout and function of the panel for configuration of the generator signals is identical with the Signal tab in the Connection Control popup menu see page 4.

The softkeys on the right-hand side are used to change the hotkeys across cmu00 bottom and their functions. After a single shot measurement extending over c periods, c measurement results per test point have been acquired. Various fields can be combined to form groups panels. Below we list some essentials for first users: Cmh200 Automatic setting of maximum input level autoranging according to the power of the applied signal.

No specific device under test is required. The stop condition is set in the Control tab of the measurement configuration popup-menus.

Rohde & Schwarz R&s CMU200 Universal Radio Communication Tester GSM GPRS WCDMA

Level input field is disabled and indicates the Cmj200. The R to Pk hotkey Marker softkey places the reference marker to the maximum i. Software options purchased later must be explicitly enabled with a key code to be functional; see below.

In the main menu, press the Max. Measurement menus, results, configuration menus. B21v14 – Universal Signalling Unit. The default setting is Off.


What phone number can be used to schedule the drop off?. The chapter lists the remote control command for each instrument function.

Ediseja 21 CMU 200 User Manual Page 28

Let c be the number of bursts forming one statistics cycle one statistic count and assume that n bursts have been measured since the start of the measurement. What u see is what u get. Also observe the general safety instructions at the beginning of this manual. Activate Activate the current firmware configuration.

The symbol for the signalling state on the right.

Used Rohde & Schwarz CMU Universal Radio Communication Tester | MATsolutions

Use the DEL delete key to delete the inversely nanual character in overwrite mode. D A TA Fig. The input path for the primary and secondary audio circuit can be defined separately. After evaluation of the different traces, the burst power is logarithmized and plotted in a semi-logarithmic diagram.

When moving the unit with the feet out, the feet might collapse and fold in.