Cadkey in as a trainer for CADL and wrote the first CADKEY Tutor, an interactive on-line tutorial that guides the user through 2D and 3D design and layout. Some are CADKEY-specific, but all work well with CAD KEY in a design! . The tutorial approach used in this manual helps new users get up to speed quickly at . Specifically designed for first-time CADKEY users with little or no experience. Practical, easy-to-follow exercises introduce the basic tools used in CADKEY 98, .

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Much faster than the Piper. But things changed in Maybe when you get back you can try to duplicate what’s happening. Uses power pole to fly. Cadkey 99 on windows 7 problem. If you are interested in 3D CAD and not experienced in cwdkey you are out in the cold. Each person had tuhorial unique menu, it was sort of a Rite of Passage So, as a trainer, you had to be able to type in the commands as you would move around the room working with each student and their unique menu.

CADKEY Tutorial-Integrating

Where Autocad was designed for the Architect that basically design from point to point. Autocad was a horribly complex and tortuous to used electronic drawing system. Follow us on All times are GMT Today, 3D CAD is quickly becoming the tool of the design engineer.

They are the reason why no company would have unlicensed 3D CAD software on the premises. I used it to sharpen my skills with ZW3D.


Computervision all but disappeared for mechanical design by the late ‘s. I have found a few that do use these techniques tuutorial wonder why they are so much faster with their work. They wanted to keep CAD on the workstation and under their control. If you have any more ideas on how to fix this problemplease post and I’ll give it a try.

CADKEY Tutorial – 3D Wireframe Modeling

This article will only focus on the industries initial introduction to 3D CAD. We would have a one week class every month with anywhere from 10 to 20 students. I’ve tried running in compatabilty mode and still no improvement.

Not for faint at heart. With their sales staff and huge marketing budget is was a bit more of a competitive market. All other cursor functions seem normal and functional. I’m not that computer savy, but I think it has something to do with the 64 bit system. You input commands by a digitizing a pad or by typing in the commands directly. With the help of previous posts I was able to adjust screen size and now have circles displayed round and not eliptical.

Thank you for you help on that problem. My family had just moved to our new house on Bainbridge Island and I was looking to get back home. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or would like an on-line presentation. I saw the writing on the wall and rented an office in Redmond, just down the street from Microsoft. I would try updating windows 7 or try updating the graphics card. AutoCAD already had a dealer network in place with great training facilities.


You could customize these but mostly you stayed with what was somewhat standard.

The next article addressing 3D CAD training today: There are a few self-tutorial manuals. We have 5 computers with cadkey 99 and all of tutoiral pc are running window 7, no trouble here. Advanced 3d with Viewports.

Run as Admin checked. I suppose this was the thing that sealed the deal. I removed it when I went to SSD in replacement of my hard drive. No contractor was going to get on to 3D CAD. You could go back at any time and I have found this to be the best self-tutorial method for learning 3D CAD.

CADKEY Tutorial – Creating a Title Block and Border Line

I have a copy of CK 99 that I could load but that will have to wait until I get back from vacation in two weeks. It was 3D wireframe and I was up and running in two weeks of lunch hours. I had CK19 on a Win 7 computer and it worked fine right out of the box. Windows 7 should run cadkey 99 with no issue unless your graphics card is not compatibly with the software.

The Death of the Draftsman or “Where has all the talent gone? Where was Autocad you ask?