BUSINESS STATISTICS (ALL INDIAN UNIVERSITIES) 2nd Edition by BHARAT JHUNJHUNWALA PC TULSIAN from Only Genuine Products. Business Statistics () 1st Edition by BHARAT JHUNJHUNWALA, D R JAIN from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Business Statistics [P. C. Tulsian, Bharat Jhunjhunwala] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Copis of the Judgements in the WP No.

Great service and very easy to order books online: Since DPR is the property of the developer, you are again requested to approach the developer. Measures of Dispersion 6.

He will be motivated to jhunjhnuwala his mind set for taking up entrepreneurship as career. Advantages of the course: However, the Commission finds the contention of the appellant to be misplaced. Free for one month and pay only if you like it. Use of soundless calculators are allowed.

Bharat Jhunjhunwala: Taxing traffic tangles | Business Standard Column

As such, what transpires out of this present Appeal is that the Appellant is seeking the information which is already in his possession. Section 8 1 e of the RTI Act is reproduced hereinafter:. Gupta Anjali Gupta Mr. Sample space, Events, Classical definition of probability, and Probability Addition and Multiplication laws of probability without Distributions buainess.

Diagrammatic and Graphical Presentation 4. He will have understood the role of probability for taking various decisions.

Business Statistics (B.Com), 1/e

It may kindly be appreciated that the Appellant has sought the Respondent to provide copies of the same DPRs’ based on which he had contested the above referred matters. It is essential that development should not be made at the cost of ecological equilibrium. I am left with no doubt that DPRs under reference not only contain information of commercial confidence, but also fall within the expression intellectual property and thus the exemption claimed under Section 8 1 d is held to be tenable.


It is further averred that the DPR being the guiding document of the respective project contains nitty- gritty of project development and hence it is confidential document.

Another limb of contention advanced by the appellant is that wider public interest warrants disclosure of information sought. Counsel further contends that many of the developers have voluntarily disclosed their respective DPRs over their websites.

To give stress on an analytical approach of the subject matter. More stress should be given on commercial applications Vy books: He will be able to formulate of business problem and solve it to decide policies of business firms.

A Century is not Eno. Probability density function p. Special Price Rs The Commission is appraised that many of the projects developers voluntarily statitsics executive summary in public domain. The information contained in Executive summary of DPR of a project reflects much more than what a reasonably prudent citizen would wish to know.

The aim of this course is to impart knowledge to students to improve their logical reasoning ability and interpretation of various business results.

Solapur University, Solapur ‐II (Semester III) Syllabus Business Statistics

Since the present appeals involve common questions of fact as well as law, they are being taken up together for disposal. However, the Commission is apprised that the Executive Summary Environmental study for aforesaid project can be accessed at http: To boost the student ability to apply the mathematical concepts to real life problems in Commerce, Economics and Management.


In his letter dated He will be provoked to make his mind set for taking up entrepreneurship as career. In the considered view of Commission, the noble desire of the appellant would not cut ice in the present factual premise. The interveners state the same to be exempted under Section 8 1 d since it contains the terms of sale of power and the pricing details. In order to weigh the submissions made by the respondent as well as 3rd party interveners, it becomes imperative to analyse the ingredients and nature of:.

The basic intention of this paper is to familiarize the students with basic concepts of the Business Statistics and a hands on practice of the various statistical tools and techniques.

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English Structure of the course: Executive summary of DPR outlines the key features and jhunjhunawla outline of the project. Least Square Method Linear Equation. In case you are looking for a book not easily available, they are very prompt at sourcing and delivering the book.

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