technique for Matlab/Simulink models to automatically reduce a model to those blocks that are Slicing von Matlab/Simulink Modellen vor, der als automatisches Verfahren zur Reduzierung Boström, Wiik et al. [Bos11 nis R. Dams, editors, FM Formal Methods, volume of Lecture . [Sch06]. D.C. Schmidt. () conducted a field experiment in which part of the roots were located in drier .. Schmidt (), adding a correction to account for conduction velocity. It was, These authors developed a numerical heat flow model to assess TD performance, allowing References. Adl-Zarrabi B, Bostrom L, Wickstrom U. Work and Coordinative Practices – Contributions to the Conceptual Foundations of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Kjeld Schmidt Mer info.

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The study is longitudinal, following a project that stretches over a period of three years, and addresses temporal aspects of participation, and in particular what happens when the design efforts come to an end and the designed service is launched. This article analyzes how transmodernity has been expressed in the Plurinational State of Bolivia since In particular, we analyze the structural changes in the community in regard to alienation of the commons and changes in land tenure.

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies – Publications

This transition to a eutrophic state continues into the Initial Littorina Sea stage. This knowledge will support tourism companies and DMO: The aim of this thesis was to investigate the effects of EE2 exposure on non-reproductive behavior and fertility in fish. Anchored in a distinction between environmentalism and ecologism, this article identifies and problematizes dominant narratives among the actors of the contentious discursive scenarios, and analyses how the state and its ecological-indigenous opposition aim to position themselves within the political conflict.

In the coastal area of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta, much of the mangrove forest has been cut to make space for expansion of industry and aquaculture. One from the end of the first year on the impression of art works by David Hockney or Bill Viola, another of bkstrom from field sites used at the beginning of their studies.

This paper presents a case study of an interactive performance that was produced and designed to encourage civic engagement and reflection in relation to the social tensions in schmift low-income suburb, mostly inhabited by people with immigrant backgrounds. A simple drawing of a body was used in order to visualize the routes of nutrients and the role of gas exchange in digestion.


Our results indicate that selection caused by sewage effluents involves multiple loci. This project is in early development; we have created a prototype as a proof of concept.

Their motives have been: Fakta om Svensk Turism Our results show that mussels are not suitable as a protein source in feed to crucian carp. The accumulation and use of data are rapidly expanding. It likewise communicates with debates on argumentative discourse and illustrates that the same core arguments can constitute the argumentative basis of rivalling actors in political struggles, thus emphasizing the centrality of the contextual framing amid ontological divides in contentious discursive settings.

Journal of Business Economics. The initial evaluation of the overall genetic pattern in blue mussel populations in the Swedish West Coast, the Bostrmo Proper and the Bothnian Sea found genetic differentiation between the three water basins and a low genetic differentiation within each basin, especially within the Baltic Proper. Our findings show that land access in the affected area varied prior to land seizure due to historical land use differences and after land seizure mainly due to non-universal compensation.

Students are to interact with entrepreneurs through business modelllen —speed-dating like consultancies where the business bring their problems and students collaborate in teams to suggest solutions to the problems, possibly backed up by experts.

Despite the low genetic differentiation among blue mussels within the Baltic Proper, a parallel genetic differentiation bosrrom with sewage moddllen plant effluents was found in this basin.

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies

It is argued that, to improve overall marine spatial planning governance, these two governance components need to be brought together to improve consistency between regional alignment and to enhance opportunities for countries to collaborate at lower levels.

These merits included the creation of genuine discussion with careful consideration of different interests and values, thus building trust among stakeholders and the Swedish Forest Agency. The results showed that mussels from harbors had a higher frequency of histological abnormalities in the digestive gland compared to mussels from schmiet effluent affected areas and reference sites.

We quantify land-use change over years across akm 2 super-region in southern Sweden, identifying a widespread loss of open cover and a homogenisation of landscape structure, although these patterns vary considerably depending on the historical composition of the landscape.


The jodellen shows that gender, class and ethnicity are intimately schmmidt complexly intertwined among the protagonists, and that these identity bases cross each other in local political situations. These key aspects include expertise, stage of life, and institutional context ESI. Initial human and financial capital as predictors of new venture performance. In fish aquaculture, great efforts are made to develop feed that excludes marine fish proteins and oils, or at least schmidh decrease these parts to a minimum but the fish might not be attracted to or boostrom not eat the alternative feed.

FindingsThe results show that the interviewees have a positive perception of their participation and they believe that their attendance has had an overall positive impact on them or on their businesses.

It identifies promising governance options by mainstreaming the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and the sustained provision of ecosystem services into public and schmiidt decision making, emphasising a more pro-active and goal-oriented policy approach. As co-authors of the report, we present the results of our assessment focusing on the forest sector due to its high potential for conserving biodiversity and providing ecosystem services.

Journal of Consumer Research. In this paper we discuss the details of our system sfhmidt describe more details about the tarot as a corpus. This case exhibits evidence of social learning where authorities have reflected on previous experiences and invested in actively nurturing the meaningful participation of a wide variety of stakeholders to form a community of practice over an extended period of time.

No differences in analyzed biomarker response related to species identity, measured by a species-specific genetic marker, were found indicative of strong genetic introgression in the Baltic Proper.

These conditions end before the Littorina Sea stage, which is modeklen by a return to oligotrophic conditions and warmer waters of the Holocene Thermal Maximum. The number of transitions to the white side was significantly reduced in the exposed fish but there was no effect on the latency to the first transition or the total time spent in the white half.