Bob Rotella – Putting out of your Mind. Pages Heart of the Game. “Loving putting, enjoying putting, making putts, making putts that matter. Putting Out of Your Mind. Bob Rotella with Bob Cullen has ratings and 18 reviews. Lisa said: This book is okay. I’m pretty new to the golf self-help. Written by Dr. Bob Rotella, narrated by Dr. Bob Rotella. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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A great read for anyone who wants to enjoy and improve their golf game.

| Putting Out Of Your Mind, Dr. Bob Rotella | | Boeken

Thinking the way you have always thought will almost certainly assure that you putt the way you have always putted. Bob Rotella before, how does this one compare? Billy’s wedge was lovely to puttinh. Every one of them has a big practice range with grass tees. You should make all practice putts feel as if a tournament is on the line.

Published April 1st by Pocket Books first published June When you’re into the psychology area of your game then Dr. Bob Rotella Narrated by: They think that nothing good can happen to them there.

He knew that the nerves boh accompany a PGA Tour play-off were not something to fear. Billy, of course, didn’t grow pytting knowing many purists at Papago Park. He got tight and careful with his long clubs. It was dead straight. John rated it really liked it Mar 29, Quotes from Putting Out of Yo Look at how you see the line. After reading this brief, page book of advice, my putting improved dramatically.

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You have to be meticulous to a certain point and then it stops — determined, determined, determined, determined, nonchalant. Putt to make it.

The ball leaves the putter blade and rolls like a big, heavy beach ball.

Putting Out of Your Mind. Bob Rotella with Bob Cullen by Bob Rotella

What he was really saying was, “I can’t play this game anymore. Very few people putting to maintain that sort of attitude throughout their golfing careers. Rotella but never bought one of his books and then audiobooks surely came to life and I haven’t regret it for this purchase. He could have thought about his nerves. Add to Cart Add dotella Cart. Obviously, this is not a literary work, but Rotella understood that he needed journalist, Bob Cullen to guide the writing, incorporating narrative elements and a frequent light-hearted tone of humor.

Putting Out of Your Mind

What he had, I thought, was not the yips. Tiger couldn’t reach the green from the rough. He made that putt to force a play-off. Rotella’s instruction, I have consistently improved my game, my scoring average, and my place on the money list of the PGA tour. Filled with delightful and insightful stories about golf and the golfers Rotella works with, Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect will improve the game of even the most casual weekend player.

Putting Out Of Your Mind

That putting stroke was what initially brought Billy and me together. During the round, Hogan played his usual immaculate shots from tee to green.

Bob Rotella could help me reach my potential as a tournament golfer. She knew that the first players wouldn’t tee off till the sun had been up for an hour or so. As he paid off his lost bet, Puttinb sourly told Casper, “If you couldn’t putt, you’d be selling hot dogs behind the tenth green.


Once, late in his career, Hogan played a pretournament practice round with the young Billy Casper, who was one of the best putters of all time.

I told him I didn’t care whether he cut the ball when he putted. It is absolutely vital that you forget bad putts. In fact, good players know that putting accounts for even more of their success or failure than the strokes on the scorecard would indicate.

I feel that it cost way to much for such little information it presented. Billy Wells rated it liked it Mar 06, His good shots turned mediocre and his bad shots turned disastrous. Mar 09, Brennan rated it liked it. A merely good team wins on nights when its shooters are hot.

But the great ones almost always found ways to turn in a low score anyway. In trying to fix it, he’d lost his focus on the true business at hand on the green, which is rolling the ball into the hole.

Rotella’s mental rules have helped some of the greatest golfers in the world to become champion putters and for the first time, are now available to golfers everywhere. If they have a good birdie chance, they worry about blowing it. Tom Kite Bob Rotella understands the importance of discipline and dedication to a well-thought-out plan for improvement.

It was a case of misplaced priorities and a way of thinking that wasn’t working on the putting green. The best and smartest of them realize something else as well. And you’ll be just as awkward.