Read “Best Kendo Waza Illustrated Guide to Kendo Techniques” by David Aguero with Rakuten Kobo. An illustrated guide of kendo techniques book filled with. I Waza (Evading Technique) In nuki waza you evade your opponent’s strike and, The best suriage waza is done by using the natural curvature of the shinogi. I touched on this in an earlier broader post on oji waza, but there (If this is not possible, then a good alternative kihon drill is to make your.

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Once he commits waa an attack you respond with debana, or oji waza if his movement is more advanced. Although this process of learning is slow and requires plenty of patience, it is a time-tested method that enables the practitioner to grasp every aspect of the training and gain confidence.

Kendo Techniques Guide

Hand Is My Sword. Ernesto J Grasso is currently reading it Apr 27, It is a way wxza gain the wrist flexibility that you need to make your dou attack effective. Return to Book Page.

There are however some obvious kendo specific reasons why people move this way. Your left hand should be more or less in line with the centre of your body. This is rather like an archer being unable to shoot an arrow because he is afraid of the bow string hitting his hand. Practitioners resort to this technique only when they have exhausted all other methods and are yet to find an opening. Kamae like most things in kendo is taught to us in simplified form at the early stages of our learning process.

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To do this you need to be in front of your opponent at the time of the strike and consciously punch forward with your right hand whilst turning your wrist sharply inwards. Once wazaa have made a successful strike, you should continue forward, through your opponents centre line, maintaining zanshin and turning when you are in safe distance.


January 21, by Geoff. There are more techniques that are not listed here. The idea was to work together in pairs in a mawari geiko format, taking turns as motodachi, whose job was to retain a strong chudan kamae. In Kendo, Shikake Waza is the term used to refer to techniques that are meant to be initiated by you while Oji Waza is an expression that is used for techniques that you respond with on being attacked.

Suriage Waza |

It is all about making your opponent move, and as we have talked about before, there are two fundamental ways to do this. Nuki waza is seen in kata No. Uchiotoshi waza – Since ‘uchiotoshi’ is a Japanese word which means to knock down, this technique calls for knocking down the opponent’s shinai in either direction so that you have an opportunity to strike.

Refresh and try again. See if you have enough points for this item. Legends of the Samurai. Claudia Doppioslash marked it as to-read Dec 17, Hold the centre and demonstrate courage and confidence. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long.

oji-waza |

In kendo, techniques are categorized into two; shikake waza and vest waza. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is a technique most often used to surprise your opponent. A simple slide upward should be enough. For example, kote-men is one of the consecutive attacks all the kendoists use a lot.

Please review your cart. Harai-men and harai kote are popular kendo techniques. Although this book is meant for intermediate to advanced kenshi, beginners will find this book very useful. On a practical level, I teach kenshi of all heights, so I need to know the technique well enough to demonstrate it to people who might find it useful.

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This new digital edition is a completely revised version of the printed version. The Kendo practitioner takes advantage of such a situation by moving into the ‘suki’, meaning break or gap, and making a strike. Gohon me in the Tachi no Kata gives us a text book lesson in how to combat Jodan. You are commenting using your WordPress.

However you approach each training session remember that the purpose is to improve your kendo, and to enjoy your time in the dojo. Triangulate Your Golf Swing: A Storm of Swords. If however you try this with a shinai it simply slips down off the target. Different people have different ideas on what constitutes the perfect practise session.

There is a time that you cannot find any openings after you tried everything. It is also essential to keep your eye on your opponent and to retake kamae as soon as you are in safe distance. From this exercise we moved on to hikibana men, pushing in to take centre and then following with a men strike as motodachi stepped back. Item s unavailable for purchase. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The Old Man on Vine Street. The way to avoid this is as with all successful oji waza, we should control the timing of his attack by maintaining and the breaking pressure when we want him to move. Mohamma rated it really liked it May 06,