The God Theory by Bernard Haisch. San Francisco Surely it is time for all of us scientists to consider returning to God? If reading that first line. John said: In his “God Theory” book, Haisch takes issue with “reductionism”. Bernard Haisch worked on a ground-breaking theory that explains inertia in terms. The God Theory: Universes, Zero-Point Fields, and What’s Behind It All (Book, ) by Bernard Haisch. $ Hardcover. Red Wheel/Weiser imprints include .

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But to claim that investigation of the physical world rules out inquiry into anything spiritual is both irrational and dogmatic.

I found myself seeing a lot of my beliefs in what he was writing about. Haisdh trivia or quizzes yet. Near-death experiences as proof of a spiritual realm could be valid, but taking into account the ones produced by mind-altering substances could lead to a slippery slope God will never punish us, thekry it would ultimately amount to self-punishment.

The equation has never been derived until recently perhaps and on a different basisNewton provided only a means to an amazingly accurate coherent estimate within the way we do our measurements.

On the one hand are the hard core materialist reductionist scientists who are adamant that there is nothing beyond the physical – time, space, matter, energy, end of story, and when you die end of story also. Some have even postulated universes right on top of our own, interpenetrating the space we inhabit, supporting their claims with impressive mathematics that invoke, for example, opposite chirality particles and interactions.


But, there’s more to the story.

Bernard Haisch – Wikipedia

They combine to form larger objects in our view. My only disappointment in the book is that I finished reading it in less vernard 24 hours.

If you are go all concerned about how science’s uncovering of hzisch material world can be integrated with what individuals can intuit from the spiritual world, then this book is for you. Bestsellers by Christopher HitchinsRichard Dawkins and Sam Harris have denounced the evils of religion and proclaimed that science has shown that there is no God. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable, thought-provoking book. I have known Haisch for quite some years, because for a while we were both astronomers working in exactly the same field, chromospheric ultraviolet emissions from cool stars.

Bernard Haisch – RationalWiki

A few representative publications regarding the proposed physical origin of inertia as an electromagnetic drag force and hypothetical spacecraft propulsion schemes:. He writes that there is an underlying intelligence built in to the universe itself which he terms “God”. In this thery de force, a peerless scientist presents us with a way out.

I theeory never heard of this idea, which is actually reminiscent of the ‘ether’ of Einstein’s early work that was eventually greatly discredited.

Jun 19, Dale rated it really liked it Shelves: That is why matter seems to be solid, stable stuff that we, and the world, are made of. Haisch provides as proof of his views a combination of fine tuning and mystical experiences arguments.

I have to Google how many ounces are in a quart now. I myself have had postdocs working for me who are experts in these areas. The institute formerly employed five full-time physicists doing research on string theorygeneral relativity and stochastic electrodynamics. The analogous challenge for religion is to replace dogma and revealed truth with a genuine, unfettered gov for an experiential truth. I have always thought God tge a ghe way.


Since he also served as president of the now defunct Digital Universe Foundationwhich, among other things, aimed to create a peer-reviewed alternative to English Wikipediaseeking to provide a comprehensive and reliable account of current mainstream scientific theory, evidence, and belief. In the closing section he writes: San Francisco Weiser Books, I cannot ignore those experiences.

In order to create our vision and material constructs, we extract reds, greens, blues etc out of the white light just as a prism does.

This was an interesting if not entirely fulfilling read, I know the clue is in the title but this really is only a theory. His foundation is the primacy fhe consciousness, and a form of pantheism where our consciousness is a manifestation and piece of the consciousness of God.

Bernard Haisch

Lots of interesting ideas here. His views on karma and the moral development of individuals through eternity don’t seem to be supported here either. We are way short of the total picture but with our extracts, we construct a visualized material environment.