Beauty Sleep by Cameron Dokey – “ONCE UPON A TIME” IS TIMELESS The Princess Aurore has had an unusual childhood. Cursed at birth, Aurore is fated to . Oct 24, The Paperback of the Beauty Sleep: A Retelling of. by Cameron Dokey . Gr 6- Dokey has taken the familiar “Sleeping Beauty” fairy tale. May 20, In this variation on the Sleeping Beauty story, the characters prove sympathetic and the setting romantic, but the lack of tension makes for a.

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My library Help Advanced Book Search. I liked how the ‘evil fairy’ was described, not entirely evil. But not that one.

On their journeys in the forest, Ironheart trips over himself and busts his cheek open See? Now, there’s this thing authors sometimes do when retelling fairytales that I kind of despise. It got me back on Goodreads. One of them hits her on the head, and she’s fine. It VERY much solves caneron simply and brings about the happily ever after at the end. Simon Pulse October Length: That must have been another way to make this relationship work otherwise, no?

This installment In the Once Upon a Time series centers around Aurore, a girl destined to fall into a deep sleep at the age of It’s also a story of camerln love, of course, based on a real relationship, and not just looks, or “love at first sight.

Her parents were determined to protect her and so limited her activities to those that did not involve any sharp, pointed objects. Do you wanna know? Cameron Dokey is the author of nearly thirty young adult novels. But I felt it could have been done better. Also, here’s seep view spoiler [ spoiler. I enjoyed this one so much that I realized I hadn’t liked Camefon Great fun!


Sixteen years, I give you, ma petite Aurore, lovely as the dawn. Instead of them, we get cousin Oswald, aka Prince Charming meant as a dig because of his less than charming camern.

I wished she would have described more of the pricking of the finger which is what the tale relies on. Also, Maleficent has been renamed Jane and by the way I didn’t really like how the narrator used brackets to tell us super obvious parts of the story.

Beauty Sleep

And because of his beauhy to wait for her he’s even still alive! Unwilling to cause suffering, she will embark on a quest to end the evil magic. I do have Ummm I thought about it and decided that if Aurora could accept it then I might as well too.

The King and Queen my parents when we’d already established our narrator is Princess Aurore.

Beauty Sleep: A Retelling of Sleeping Beauty

She doesn’t sleep for a hundred years. The “sorceress” that casts the spell on Aurore is called Jane. There were no fairies, witches, flying broomsticks. It’s a short read if you would like to read it, took me about a few Saturday afternoon hours in high dooey.

The writing style is charming, and the characters fully imagined. Normally, I have no problem with a first-person narrative. It does not fit.

Detailed Review Summary of Beauty Sleep by Cameron Dokey

It wasn’t the worst story I’ve ever read, and I was enjoying it, but it certainly wasn’t the best. I know the time shift — sleeping for a hundred years — definitely throws the story a curve, but this retelling takes it a bit far.

And I loved sleeep incorporation of her parents over her journey, how she found slep they went to find her and were the ones who build the cottage she stayed in on her first night in the Forest.

Oct 26, Erudessa Aranduriel added it Shelves: It just wasn’t what I expected, mostly just the ending though. For heaven’s sake, the guy married, had a wifehad children, watched them die, basically had a life This is a very well written re-telling of “Sleeping Beauty” with some very interesting twists and surprises that keep the reader wondering as well as some excellent characters that are not always as I got over that fairly quickly, but still Dokey defintely knows how to weave a story and make things come full circle.


It also happens to be the pesky year that Aurore is supposed to prick a certain finger and be awakened by a certain true love.

The author has so many little touches that she adds throughout the story to make the characters slep alive and to breathe new life into the old fairy tale classic. Plus, I absolutely loved the length of the book. But here the character is authentic and funny as a young woman struggling with the hand she was dealt.

Beauty Sleep – Cameron Dokey – Google Books

Aurore is of course the girl with that golden hair and startling eyes, but she is different apart from that. Do you really wanna know? Jul 16, Bethany rated it really liked it Shelves: I mean how cool is it to be helpless and asleep for years on end?

This might just be a personal problem however.

Although it was fairly well-written, this lackluster retelling of the Sleeping Beauty myth suffers from lack of character development. It was just a delightful book. Their relationship is very believable and incredibly sweet but the references to him as her cousin persist and it just irked me.

I must first admit, I love retold fairy tales. Sign up and get a free eBook!