We So Seldom Look on Love: Stories. Barbara Gowdy, Author HarperCollins Publishers $20 (0p) ISBN Hailed as a remarkable collection of short stories when it was first released in , We So Seldom Look on Love is Barbara Gowdy’s wholly original and pow.. . A young, beautiful, female necrophile, obsessed with the moment that life turns to death, begins an intense relationship with a medical student that inevitab.

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Pook book keeps you on you It’s really hard to rate this book – I’ve never been more disturbed while reading a book and had to stop somewhere to take a break. There’s a story about a woman learning that her husband was actually born a woman, a story about a man with two heads who tries to murder his other head,another about a female exhibitionist, and another about a girl who has toddler-sized legs on her torso her Siamese twin.

If there is anything that detracts from this book, it is that slightly obnoxious need to be transgressive. Two people unacquainted with grief. No trivia or quizzes yet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Extremely unsettling but extremely well written They were very quirky with some humour thrown in.

Second most common word: Whether writing about the dilemma of a two-headed man who attempts to expunge his own pain, the shock of a woman who discovers she has married a transsexual, the erotic delusions of a woman who repeatedly exposes her body to an unknown voyeur, or the bizarre predilections of a female necrophile a story made into the loe motion picture, “Kissed”Gowdy convinces us with incisive detail, only to disarm us with black humor.

These really are just classic short stories gussied up with modern sensibilities. We So Seldom Look on Love is a collection of 8 short stories featuring: There is little point in repeating what every other reviewer has said, that Gowdy is brilliant and her subject matter twisted but fascinating.

But for the most part, they fail.

But every story here was the same. One or two missed the mark, and a few have weak endings, but in general a very impressive collection.


We so seldom look on love: stories – Barbara Gowdy – Google Books

This book will stick wi Most common word in other people’s review of kook book of sort stories: That is, every story in weldom collection is essentially wr same story.

The stories are mostly inconsequential, in that I mean there’s no real punchline or tidy resolution to the ends of them, and this isn’t a bad thing. Love is certainly another big theme, a red wire which lin “We So Seldom Look on Love” is a beautiful collection of short stories related by one big theme: Who will allow some celebrity, preacher, or government official to define your fashion, your ideas, your interests, or your beliefs?

There are fantastic stories in here like the beautiful necrophiliac or the two headed man personifying good and evil, but my favorite story was the one about the foster children.

We So Seldom Look on Love: Stories

They would seem content, she thinks. It works, most of the time. All told with truth and with compassion, painting even the necrophiliac in a sympathetic light. Who wants to follow the same dream as everyone else? Want to Read saving…. Every story showed the world going on and on and on in the same vein, over and over, in a never-ending cycle that takes you nowhere. I don’t go out of my way to read his stuff, and since I’m not a fan of the perverse I can’t say I’ll be dishing up more Gowdy.

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The book keeps you on your toes, capturing your interest and curiosity. Read some of the stories, all bizarre in their own way some sort of gothic-y. This is such a neat little book.

Sep 22, J.

This was a book I noticed was selected by one of our seniors as the book she wanted her honorary bookplate in. Many of the stories DO depict the characters attempting to escape their abnormality or other characters coming to accept the abnormal one’s abnormality as just one aspect of an otherwise complete individual.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Not all these stories are about love but they all display unusual human relationships with some “unusual” people. Not my This was a book I noticed was selected by one of our seniors as the book she wanted her honorary bookplate in. Inhuman is the word I’d use. Initially drawn in by the collection’s title, this book wasn’t what I expected and I’m really glad it wasn’t a run of the mill take on love.


Must we unify in having an identical dream the American dream, say instead of unifying in the fact that we do all have dreams, even if they may be wildly different?

Lizards, craving sex for hunger is distinguished from craving companionship in the form of a true Love.

3. “We So Seldom Look on Love” by Barbara Gowdy | Bookside Table

I don’t at all presume to know now what life might be like for a necrophiliac, or a man whose cojoined brother has sole control over their shared body. If you are looking for a smart, intelligent human sexual drama in ordinary realms with a satisfactory conclusion — this book is not for you.

View all 4 comments. It reminded me just how fucked up humans can be and that that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing necesssarily. But it’s really a love story, in a way. Dec 22, Barbxra Della rated it it was amazing.

It’s like walking around a circular hallway with windows showing the same inner courtyard. How can you hate someone for being lovr homosexual? Delving into the heart of all the characters and being shown unexplored perspectives, from the conjoined twins to the woman married to a trans-man, is an experience that won’t be leaving my head anytime soon.

The poor girl whose mother loved the legs of her twin better than she loved the whole girl, the girl whose friend has a purple suitcase by the door in case of an event It’s a collection of eight stories featuring outcasts, freaks and depraved souls who are brought into a sensitive light by fine writing. It’s not because of desire – it’s purely because that’s the most stable and therefore most statistically likely configuration.

I mean, it happens.