: Assimil pack cd Iniciacion Euskara (Basque Edition) ( ): Assimil: Books. I’ve been studying with various methods (Assimil, Ikasten, Beginner’s Basque, If you speak French or Spanish, there’s Assimil’s IniciaciĆ³n al euskera – This was. Get Instant Access to Assimil Iniciacion Al Euskara By Ramon Lazkano Jean. Charles Beaumont #67c27a EPUB KINDLE PDF EBOOK.

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If there happened to be eiskera option to contribute or a group was created or something, please contact him. Otro recurso gratis muy bueno es Ikasten. CorradoLeo2 14 11 9.

Euskara batua (Standard Basque/euskera batua)

A mi me interesaria mucho aprenderlo, espero que lo hagan pronto. If you’ve got the time, it’d be great if you filled out an application form in the incubator: Oso hizkuntza desberdin eta interesgarria da, euskeea I would love to have a course in Euskara. Me alegro de saber que hay bases para un curso.

Entonces escribes “Basque” en la cajita que te sale. I also would like to see Basque course.

Still, it covers quite a bit and will help you be able to process Basque more quickly. Euskara jalgi hadi mundura. Jeroogalo 8 6 inicoacion.


Ah, i just realized that a few posts up there’s a more detailed review of some of these courses: Luego eliges tu s lengua s materna spuedes escoger iniciacon “Basque” “Spanish” “Both” ambos o “Other” otro. If it doesn’t happen here at Duolingo, i’ve been working on a method to learn Basque online which should hopefully get online by eusketa end of the year: King’s The Basque Language is an excellent book i’ve just started unit 19 out of 40 which covers a great deal and has more colloquial conversations than most textbooks.

Heuscara ialgui adi mundura. It’s a great course, you just need to take your time with it otherwise none of it will sink in. Let’s just hope Duolingo will add Basque course.

The format is nice and the way it covers the grammar is nice as well. Gente por todo el mundo lo aprende!

In France basque is not really spoken but it seems to me that the language is experiencing inicicaion “reborn” and more and more people have interest in it.

If it were a course on duolingo I and I’m sure many others would greatly appreciate it. My advice would be to check out The Basque Languageit was recently reprinted so is easy to get ahold of again. Si tienes alguna pregunta o algo que no entiendes muy bien, no dudes en preguntar. It’s a very interesting language.


Euskara batua (Standard Basque/euskera batua)

Eskerrik asko eta ikusi arte. Ea sorte izan eta laster hemendik ikusiko dugun. It’s the most interesting living language in western Jniciacion, so of course, I will learn it as quick as it will be possible through Duolingo. It would be amazing if you could send in an application to the incubator and see if anyone else you know would be interested in helping create the course. Let’s make Basque happen!

I would love to see a Basque course here as well. El euskera es mi lengua nativa y tengo el C1.

I’m really happy to see someone else interested in Basque, if you’ve got any questions or just want a study partner ; get in touch! Anyone else out there interested in a course in Euskara Batua? Espero que tengas muchos colaboradores y que el curso de euskera salga adelante!

Eta nik ere espero dut guk Duolingo-n euskarazko ikastaroa laster izatea! Basque, go out into the world.