Normally, you will spend more time moving than fighting. You must use proper movement techniques to avoid contact with the enemy when you are not prepared. U.S. Army Infantry School Statement on U.S. NATIONAL POLICY CONCERNING ANTIPERSONNEL LAND MINES. Table of Contents. provide extensive information about FM ( ).

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Use it to cross places where the concealment is very low and enemy fire or observation prevents you from getting up.

Do not be ashamed to say that you are tired or mannual.

You arrmy leave crawl spaces in the rear cover. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. After decontamination, dis- assemble weapons and wash, rinse, and oil them to prevent corrosion. It mounts the DR-8 reel cable below which is a separate item. Transmitted immediately after tne call. When the enemy uses a flare to spot you, he spoils his own night vision.

Arm In- closed glass ampules between them and fingers or smash glass ampules with palm of hand. If not, dig a prone shelter that will give some protection.

This keeps them from planning escape and cautioning each other on security. A-3 FM Dig a hole about 10 cm 4 in in diam- eter and just deep enough about 3.


Weapons and Fire Control G-1 H. If contact is made with the enemy, you must dismount from the tank at once.

FM Chptr 3 Movement

When an authentication system is in force, the transmission imposing silence is to be authenticated. Also, tell him anything you learn from them. If he has a sucking chest wound, set him up or lay him down on the injured side.

Use camouflage bands, strings, burlap strips, or rubber bands to hold those in place. The soldier givmg mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, should give 2 breaths after each 5 compressions. Cradle your weapon in your arms and keep its muzzle off the ground. Locate the tip of the breastbone and measure two finger-widths up from that tip. Use ravines, gulHes, hills, wooded areas, walls, and other cover to keep the enemy from seeing and firing at you.

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They have their greatest application as command post warning alarms. When your position has overhead cover across its center, dig a storage compartment in the bottom of the back wall. That may make it easy for the enemy to spot you.

Depress the push-to-talk switch to talk. If possible, steam-clean them using detergent. Then put another stake forward of the rear first stake toward each dangerous approach.

It is conducted either to close with and destroy the enemy, or to move away from manuxl enemy so as to break contact with him. If you have a map, try to give an eight-digit co- ordinate, such as “GL L” If you do not have a map, relate the location to some key terrain, such as “on the Harm Road, meters south of the Ken River Bridge. The ground between the firing ports will then be additional frontal cover. Contami- nated areas should be either bypassed or, when protective equipment is worn, crossed.


This gives you the approximate than nine, start over again mqnual counting distance to the weapon in hundreds of vield. Not Enabled Word Wise: Toxins are poisonous substances produced by living things such as snake venom. Wear the transmitter clipped to your pocket, belt, or suspenders.

Thus, the tendency is to underestimate meter lengths on upslopes and overestimate them on downslopes. Report where you saw the enemy. There is no first aid for you once you have oeen exposed to nuclear radiation. Use the following methods when applying camouflage face paint to camouflage the skin.

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