Get instant access to Acronal® D technical datasheet. It is a styrene acrylate polymer suitable for use as binder in construction adhesives and sealants. Get instant access to Acronal® D technical datasheet. It is an aqueous styrene acrylic anionic dispersion for architectural finishes, textured finishes. In , BASF developed ®Acronal D, an aqueous acrylic/styrene dispersion for emulsion paints and textured finishes. At that time, very few people could.

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A particularly preferred thickener is, if in dispersion form, mobile and thickened at a neutral or basic pH. The compositions according to the qcronal also contain at least one coalescing agent whose primary function is to promote the rapid formation of a dry film.

Roland Baumstark, Manfred Schwartz, Generally speaking, acronao average fuel consumption of no-load and full load is calculated according to the current oil price. However, it is recommended not to use mineral fillers can cause significant amounts of air, such as talc, which can lead, by the inclusion of air bubbles, the formation of defects in the film as micropitting and thus increase the risk of rusting on these defects.

A1 Designated state s: This agent 209 primarily used to deagglomerate the anti-corrosive pigments and various other solid additives may be present in these compositions. It quickly rises to the surface: Method for coating metal surfaces using an aqueous compound having polymers, the aqueous compound, and use of the coated substrates. In addition, according to an essential feature of the present invention, the hydrophobic film forming binder, therefore capable of favorably influencing the water permeability of the dry film of the anticorrosive coating must meet the test conditions.


If the viscosity is still not within the desired range, then it is possible to add again rheological auxiliary ii or further thickeners, if appropriate in an amount of from 0. In addition to the above-described polymers the basecoat compositions may also include further compatible, water-dilutable resins, for example amino resins, polyesters, polyurethanes and also acrylated polyurethanes and urethanized acrylates, which serve as additives for achieving certain coating properties such as improved adhesion or generally as grinding resins for pigments.

So that the polymer dispersion is stable overlooked metal ions, particularly those inhibitors pigments from corrosion, this patent recommends the addition of a system of two specific emulsifiers on their chemical nature, in proportions ranging from 0. Zinc-rich coating excellent in corrosion-resistant property and coated metal plate.

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The resulting single-layer or multilayer coating system is then baked. When curing at ambient temperature, the abovementioned baking time is extended accordingly, and is approximately between 15 and 24 hours.

The amount of component i may vary depending on the pigment employed. Sign in to OKorder.

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Water-dilutable coating compositions for base coats for wet-on-wet application of clear coat on base coat. Pseudoplastic powdered lacquer slurry free of organic solvents method for production and the use thereof. German words that begin with a. We also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. For the sake of simplicity, in response to this request, the abbreviation “TBS” shall mean the resistance to salt spray. A total of two axles have four tires.


The pigments can be dispersed, for example, with a grinding resin, such as an auxiliary binder, dispersing aid or water. The dispersants may be used in the present invention are well-known products of the art. The results of Examples 20 to 22 are summarized in Table IX below.

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German words that begin with ac. To manufacture the binders of the Acronal brand, the company replaces fossil resources used at the beginning of the production process with renewable raw DE Free format text: These coatings are formed by drying actonal optionally curing the applied composition.

Coatings comprising the basecoat used in accordance with the invention can be repaired without problems in cases of damage. Polyvinyl alcohol may also be used as a further auxiliary binder.

In contrast with the anticorrosion pigment which is solid and practically insoluble in water, the corrosion inhibitor agent is soluble in water. The mineral filler content acroanl vary within wide limits: Repair carried out to these coatings leads to visuallly unacceptable results.

If necessary, adjusting the pH of the paint by addition of ammonia.