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The conversion complete output. These devices are useful as 7ls174n comparators in computer systems utilizing unified data bus 74le174n. An additional part types should be put into chart in alphanumeric sequence. A buffered clock input triggers the four flip-flops on the rising positive-going edge of the clock input waveform. When either strobe input is high, all outputs are high.

Not more than one output should be shorted at a time, and duration o the short circuit should not exceed one second. Iqq is measured for Condition A with all inputs at 4. W 6. Four data inputs are available to supply the 4-bit word to be stored. Since the largest number that can be obtained by multiplying two 4-bit numbers is 15 x 15the eight output pins four from each package are sufficient to produce this number.

This mode of 744ls174n eliminates the output counting spikes normally associated with asynchronous ripple-clock counters. During loading, serial data flow is inhibited.

74LS174N, 74LS174PC, 74LS175

Iqq is measured under the following worst-case conditions: W 74LS54 N 43 ns 1. Parallel broadside load Shift right in the direction Qa toward Qh Shift left in the direction Qh toward Qa Inhibit clock do nothing Synchronous parallel loading is accomplished by applying the eight bits of data and taking both mode control inputs, SO and SI high.


I got busy doing other things and really have not had time to get back to it. Sign In or Register to comment. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. W 54 mW J. Both the line rate clock and the dot rate clock are positive triggered.

NEN8-pin plastic dip ic. Therefore, this should only be done while in the memory mode. Examine each BCD decade. W N 76L75 J. HI Additional Devices Application Information OPERATION The registers consist of a set of master latches that act as the control elements in the device and change state on the input clock high-to-low transition and a set of slave latches that hold the register data and change on the input clock low-to-high transition.

Output Q D is connected to input A for bi quinary count. In the addressable-latch mode, data at the data-in terminal is written into the addressed latch. Presettable Decade and Binary Counters 3. The DM and DM encode eight data lines to three-line binary octal. Iqq is measured with the inputs grounded and the outputs open. When the strobe input is high, both outputs are in a high- impedance state in which both the upper and lower transitors of each totem-pole output are off, and the output neither drives nor loads the bus significantly.

W 45 mW 54S J. More refinements More refinements Within 2 miles 5 miles 10 miles 15 miles 20 miles 50 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles of. The outputs then present a high impedance and neither load nor drive the bus lines.


Output pulse width tpw may be calculated as follows:. I updated my previous post, so it’s complete now. Input conditions other than those shown produce highs at outputs Yl through Y5. Parallel loading is inhibited as long as the load input is high.

B, C, or D. These devices are fully expandable to any number of bits without external gates.

Oulpul Q A connected to clock-2 input. All have a direct clear input, and the quad versions feature complementary outputs from each flip-flop.

74LSN Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

A high logic level on either input enables the other input, which will then determine the state of the first flip-flop. Dual 2-toline decoder Dual 1-toline demultiplexer 3-toline decoder 1-toline demultiplexer Individual strobes simplify cascading for decoding or demultiplexing larger words Input clamping diodes simplify system design Choice of outputs: W 49 mW J.

When the enable goes low, the information that was present at the data input at the time the transition occurred is retained at the Q output until the enable is permitted to go high. In fact a continuous true output can be maintained by havjng an input cycle time which is shorter than the output cycle time. W A N A J. Reinterpretations of carry functions, as explained on the data sheet are also applicable to and compatible with the look-ahead generator.

W 74S64 N 4-Wide 2-Input If this is what I think it is I put one together once using wire wrap. Are there data sheets readily available? W 74S51 N 7.