Visit Kawasaki Motor Corps., USA owners center for up to date service manuals, parts diagrams, ROK™ info, owner support, warranty info, Kawasaki Protection. View and Download Kawasaki Ninja service manual online. Motorcycle Accessories Kawasaki Ninja R User’s Manual And Installation Instructions JKAEXEE1 CDA EXEC JKAEXEEDA □ JKAEXEF1. [BOOK] Kawasaki Ninja r Owners Manual PDF Book is the book you Kawasaki NINJA R Assembly & Preparation Manual.

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Kawasaki Ninja 650 Service Manual

WARNING If dirt or dust is allowed to pass through into the throttle body assy, the throttle may become stuck, possibly causing accident. Vehicle-down Sensor Lead 3.

Joint Connector B 3. Left Switch Housing Lead 3. Throttle Sensor Setting Adapter: Measure the clearance when engine is cold. Pilot Screw Adjuster, E: Air suction valve damaged Piston oil ring worn Air switching valve damaged Cylinder worn Be alert for problems and non-scheduled ticular interest for more efficient and con- maintenance.

Clutch Lever Free Play Adjustment Reserve Tank Hose 4. Bearing Remover Shaft, Fix the rear brake reservoir tank to the battery case.


Page Newly activated sealed batteries require an initial charge. These names must be the same. Fix the starter relay to the ribs on the battery case. Gaskets, O-rings, oil seals, grease seals, circlips, mmanual pins or self-locking nuts must be replaced with new ones whenever disassembled.

If there are notches worn into the splines, replace the clutch hub. Spark plug dirty, broken or gap maladjusted Inspect and replace see chapter 2. In addition, the condition of the problem is stored in the memory of the ECU.

Fix the clamp to the frame gusset. Clamp with Damper Hold the rear brake hose.

Battery 12 V 10 Ah 6. Camshaft Journal, Camshaft 0. Guide Hold nihja intake air pressure sensor lead. Special Tool – Outside Circlip Pliers: If the bearing is removed, it will need to be replaced with a new one.

The initial maintenance is vitally important and must not be neglected. If the lining thickness of either pad is less than the service limit [B], replace both pads in the caliper as a set.

Fuse Box 1 9.

Owner’s Manuals & Service Manuals | Kawasaki Vehicles

Run the leads above the hook on the reinforce. Do not touch the spark plug, ignition coil or ig- nition coil lead while the engine is running, or you could receive a kawasakii electrical shock.


Torque – Breather Plate Bolts: Special Tools and Sealants Air suction valve trouble Inspect and replace see chapter 5. Replace the caliper if the cylinder and piston are badly scores or rusty. Also, permanent internal repairs have the advantage of permitting a thorough examination for secondary damage not visible from external inspection of the tire. Throttle Body Assy 9. Then tighten them according to the specified se- quence to prevent case warpage or deformation which can lead to malfunction.

If the connector is corroded or dirty, clean it carefully.

If there is continuity, the harness has a short circuit to ground, and it must be repaired or re- placed.